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  1. Smokechaser10

    Business or Residential?

    This is more a question than a complaint. Let me try to explain.... I am an active firefighter. Along with 8 other firefighters, I spend 24 hours every 3rd day at the firestation. Although our job is to run calls and perform daily duties at the station, we have quite a bit of time that is more...
  2. 7

    Can I get any money back from Spectrum?

    Before I moved into a new apartment, I set up an order for basic internet service. I have a chat transcript from a Spectrum rep quoting me $52/month. She then mentioned that they had free installs with bundled packages and she could add in this bundle temporarily and I could cancel the phone/tv...
  3. R

    Facebook not allowing me to sign in

    Facebook is annoying me through its various tactics almost everyday and i want to make them address all my issues.I have a long file of all the things that they are doing wrong.