delayed flight

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  1. A

    Insane Christmas Flight....16

    Our insane Christmas Story with Frontier Airlines. Plane #1: boarded at 1p.m. (on time) Christmas Day as husband needs to work the next day. We were on the tarmac for 30 min because "a door wasn't sealing" then they get it and we take off. Everyone gets lightheaded and they announce they have...
  2. Barefootpalms

    Enough Compensation for an 18 hour delay?

    Hi All and thanks for your opinions I recently returned from a United flight from Turks and Caicos to Dulles Airport close to DC. The incoming plane from Chicago had to circle PLS airport before landing for 40 minutes, was going to run out of fuel, so flew into Dominican Republic to fuel. DR...
  3. C

    This email was sent to United Airlines but so far has been ignored...spread the word

    Reference cancellation of United 192 Manila- Koror Jan 24 2017 This is to register my strongest disapproval of the performance of your Manila Station crew,the failure of your airline to provide a crew to fly the aircraft and the continued lackadaisical and arrogant attitude today Jan 25 2017...
  4. H

    Norwegian Nightmare

    On the return of my recent travels to the UK, I experienced my first issue with Norwegian, causing me to not only lose the cost of my return ticket ($562.60 roundtrip) but I was FORCED to purchase another ticket to return home. I arrived at LGW at approximately 11:45 on 10/16/2016. I proceeded...
  5. G

    Delta - over 24 hour delay at LAX

    I'm reaching out with regard to the ordeal that my family and I experienced in August. We had tickets for Flight #308 which was flying from LAX to Cancun on Aug. 7, 2016 at 11:59 PM. However, our flight was delayed and changed several times due to the system failure. Our flight finally left LAX...
  6. L

    Flight delayed, missed connecting, FULL hotel compensation wanted

    Basically my situation is that I was traveling with US Airways (Now American) in Sept 2015 and the flight was delayed which caused me to miss my connecting flight to Denver. The US Airway ticket agent called the local contracted hotel to see if there were rooms available so that I could stay...