british airways

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  1. K

    Refund possible?

    On January 16 I lost my American Airlines flight from Rome to Boston (via London) due to a bad accident on the highway traveling to Fiumicino. I arrived to the British Airways checkin desk at 10:50am for an 11:25am flight but they wouldn’t let me board. They couldn’t help me reschedule so I had...
  2. M

    British Airways not honoring flight after missing connection

    British Airways forced me to buy a new flight after their arrival flight was late for my connection in London. To be clear: I flew in and was departing on British Airways, however, after my inbound BA flight from LAX-LHR was late, they forced me to pay for a new flight to get to LHR to Nice...
  3. J

    British Airways lost luggage and added insult to injury

    In September I flew British Airways from Chicago Il to Barcelona Spain. There was a change of planes in London. Somewhere between those cities, British airways lost my luggage. I had planned for a Mediterranean Cruise vacation for a year. I was supposed to arrive in Barcelona with plenty of...
  4. Joyce

    British Airways won't refund ticket price for me to get home to bury my mother

    My husband and I had travel plans with British Airways from Sept 22-Sept 30, originating in Boston through to Nairobi to visit our daughter who lives there. On Sept. 28, while in Nairobi, I received news that my mother had died. I am Jewish and had to get home and bury my mother within 48...
  5. E

    British Airways - Did not communicate change ticket fee until it was too late

    My husband and I arrived at the airport the day after we got married – on cloud 9 from our recent wedding and our upcoming honeymoon to Italy – a trip we’d been planning for a year and half. That quickly came crashing down when we discovered that Italy has a restriction barring travel for...
  6. S

    British Airways at BWI

    I am planning a family trip to the UK for next summer. Having traveled numerous times in recent years on British Airways from BWI to LHR, I was shocked to find that for our family of six, a RT flight from BWI will cost us over $3000.00 more than flying from Dulles!!! Looking into the matter, I...
  7. N

    British Airways Executive Club Dodgy practice

    I used British Airways Miles (Avios) to book a hotel. During the whole booking process all I see is that if I cancel 72 hours before arrival my Avios will be forfeited. Then I went ahead and booked the hotel. Now that the situation in Thailand made me cancel my trip and I tried to cancel my...
  8. C

    British Airways - reimbursement issue

    I want to file a claim against British Airways (BA) because I have waited patiently and exhausted all other reasonable avenues. I had planned a 7-day Royal Caribbean International cruise trip leaving from Copenhagen, Denmark. My flight, BA0228, left BWI Airport (Baltimore, MD) on Thursday, 23...
  9. T

    American Airlines Disconnect

    Something is wrong with American Airlines/British Airways/Air Berlin. On 3/21, I attempted to confirm my upcoming flight from Catania to Philadelphia on May 6 . The original itinerary had me flying from Catania to Frankfurt on AB8795 with a BA911 connecting flight from Frankfurt to London...
  10. A

    British Airways Playing Games with the Family of the Decessed

    My parents purchased plane tickets though a Romanian travel agency for a visit to see family in the United States. Towards the end of November 2015, my father was hospitalized because of severe health issues. Both myself, my mom and the travel agent have contacted BA to inquire about our options...
  11. F

    British Airways

    I have an issue that has been unresolved for almost two years now but it involves a companion voucher so I do not want to give up on it. I have looked at your website contacts and will attempt them. I sent over 10 letters to BA Customer Relations after being told on the phone MULTIPLE TIMES...
  12. J

    British Airways Ethics a larger problem?

    I am posing a question of ethics on how airlines, in this case British Airways, chose their reason for cancelling a flight to eliminate the liability of paying compensation mandated by EU law I was scheduled for BA217 out of Heathrow connecting to Dulles There was poor communication on the...
  13. W

    Bouncing between Expedia and British Airways

    I lost my forum entry after the recent upgrade, so I am posting it again. I have followed the advice on this website and escalated my requests as advised, but I do not even receive a reply, so I hope someone has some helpful advice on how to proceed. So, here we go: I have been waiting over...