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  1. L

    Refund needed from Lufthansa via Travel Agent

    Hello! This is my first post here and thank you for taking the time to read. We purchased close to $30K in airline tickets through a travel agent for Lufthansa flights. Due to Covid 19, the flights were cancelled over a month ago. Our travel agent has requested a refund via email from...
  2. Durlabh

    Virgin Atlantic Airline did not let me board the plane and travel agent per D.O.T. guidelines did not arrange alternate travel

    I had a confirmed paid ticket and all valid immigration support documents yet Virgin Atlantic Airways at MIA did not allow me to board the plane which caused me nightmares as I had appointments confirmed with some of the top 4 CEOs of Indian companies for funding my technology. I paid 2 times...
  3. K

    Name Change help for JetAirways India

    Dear Team, I have booking on 22nd October 2018 from Mumbai to Guilin through Hongkong through Make my trip website, I had mispelled my wife's last name which is supposed to be "Madaiah". Since Make my trip takes Name and Passport details at once and applies to all the tickets under the booking...
  4. atvs1

    Iberia Airlines - delays luggage, fails to provide information after 8 days

    On Friday July 13th, I flew with Iberia Airlines (ticket purchased through American Airlines) from Dubrovnik to Madrid and from Madrid to New York (JFK) coming back from a family vacation. Upon arriving in JFK I waited at baggage claim for approximately an hour before an attendant informed the...
  5. M

    XL Airways reimbursement for luggage 6-day delay too low

    Hello! I will first give the short version: My mother and I traveled to Paris in September with XL Airways. When we arrived in Paris they informed us our bags were not on the plane, opened a case for us, and told us they would be delivered next day. We changed our travel plans and waited for...
  6. G

    Ticketing Troubles

    I'm hoping you all can help me. I purchased a cruise for my dad and stepmom for my dad's 75th birthday/15 year wedding anniversary. It was to be the trip of a lifetime- an Oceania 12 day Mediterranean Cruise and Business Class air travel. I received a call from my dad last week after all...
  7. C

    Alitalia promised us each vouchers after cancelling our flight and now I can't get ahold of them

    Hi, I'm hoping someone might be able to help me get the compensation I was promised. I traveled to Europe just a couple months back and I was flying home to Toronto, Ontario on an AlItalia flight out of Rome on April 29, 2017. I booked the flight months in advanced and as the flight drew closer...
  8. A

    Lost Wages Resulting From Travel With Air Berlin

    I have lost wages resulting from travel with Air Berlin. I am writing here as I have exhausted all avenues with them, having reached out to them via email, phone, and through their automated system. I have been stonewalled at every turn, receiving either no help or intentional misdirection...
  9. S

    Single mom out $1000

    A friend of mine was planning to take her sone from Milwaukee to Atlanta. But on the day of the flight she was in a car accident and, naturally, they couldn't go. United says they can spend $600 to transfer the tickets to new dates, but the purpose of their trip is now gone. Essentially, she...
  10. Kate C

    Travelling while disabled - not a question

    Hi there - I just read this cautionary tale of one family's experience - there is no problem, they resolved their issue but I thought some people might be interested in the article.
  11. G

    Travelocity Misinformation=Useless Ticket

    Below is the substance of an email that I sent to expedia (owner of travelocity) and to which I have received no response. On March 27 I booked Itinerary Number ***** for airline travel from Kilimanjaro, Tanzania to Cleveland, OH in the USA. The dates of travel were to be Monday, May 9, and...
  12. AAGK

    Unexpected change fee success....

    Just some change fee inspiration... I booked tickets on jet blue to return to NYC from Florida this morning and decided a few hours later that I preferred a later flight. I called and asked if she could waive the $50 same day change fee and she said yes right away. Maybe I got lucky with the...
  13. AAGK

    Flights to Hawaii

    We found out yesterday we are going to a wedding in Hawaii, in Dec. As I settled in to do my flight/points analysis my partner says he needs to book a ticket that day and the next thing I know he booked an economy ticket for cash on Hawaiin airlines on EXPEDIA!!! So I will do my own booking and...
  14. M

    Allegiant airline failed reimbursement

    I traveled to Sioux Falls, SD on June 27, 2015 from Phoenix, AZ which was a nonstop flight. Somehow my baggage was mistagged and another customers bag showed up with my name on it. I was unable to talk with a representative as they were not at the ticket counter and wouldn't be until the...
  15. P

    Turkish Airlines loses my bag, can't/won't compensate me

    I flew Turkish Airlines from Abu Dhabi to Istanbul on 29 July. I go to baggage claim and stand there for an hour b/c my bag doesn't come out. After I filed a report they said it would be delivered in a few days. A few days pass, I call and they say it will be delivered in a few days. Repeat AD...