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  1. E

    Airberlin lost my daughter's luggage and we can't find help anywhere

    My daughter flew from LAX to ORD on American Airlines, then connected to AirBerlin to Tegal in Chicago. She is interning in Berlin for the semester. She checked two bags at the counter, then had to gate check a third bag. For reasons American Airlines was not able to explain to me, they put...
  2. R

    AirBerlin bankruptcy - what will happen to delayed luggage claims?

    Would any of you knowledgeable people know what will happen with AirBerlin claims for luggage delay/ loss that have not been processed and paid yet? I have been waiting for a settlement claim or payment denial from Airberlin for weeks, as this is needed for my travel insurance claim to go...
  3. M

    AirBerlin lost my luggage

    I flew AirBerlin from Warsaw to Rome with the layover in Berlin. Berlin airport was a total mess and all flights were very delayed. We were finally put on AirItalia and taken to Rome. When I finally got there, my luggage was lost. The next day I was flying from Rome to Chicago so I was really...
  4. T

    Airberlin lost my luggage 2 weeks ago and has not contacted me once

    I am writing to request help for my lost luggage on airberlin flight AB74B0 arriving from Dusseldorf and Barcelona A88943 to JFK airport on June 24th,2017. I have contacted both airbelrin and for BaggageExpress Airberlin. Unfortunately, I did not have me baggage claim stub when I filled out...
  5. R

    AirBerlin cancelled/ rebooked tickets twice - connecting flights issues/ cost

    I booked tickets for our family of 4 from JFK to Berlin, and then on to Rome (with British Airways Avios for AirBerlin flights).The flight was scheduled to depart from JFK at 23:30 on June 13 2017 when it was booked. I booked flights from our home town RDU to JFK on American Airways to...
  6. B

    AirBerlin Lost Luggage

    On 16 September, 2015, I flew AirBerlin from Berlin to Paris, where I found out my luggage had been lost. Since then I have repeatedly contacted AirBerlin regarding this issue. I was offered something less than half of my claim of $700, which I refused. Subsequently I went through the German...
  7. C

    Air Berlin Lost Luggage Claim

    I have a lost luggage compensation claim that has been going on for 3 months. Air Berlin are trying to offer me less than the full compensation in the hope that I will accept. All 5 bags were delayed for 4 days, we were told at the airport to purchase essentials and we would be refunded. I was...
  8. J

    AA flight carried out by AirBerlin charging extra seat costs?

    Hi folks, We have just booked a return flight to the US from Europe (Dusseldorf) which is advertised by American Airlines. During the booking period and until after the payment nothing was mentioned about any extra costs and on the website it clearly says all costs included. However, after...