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    What to do?

    I never said it would be cheap. I just said in my state it can be done. Had a friend need it and a anti body test to fly and was able to get it done.
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    What to do?

    You do not say what state you are in , but in my state as long as I pay , I can get a test. Even some drug stores here will do them.
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    Bluetooth Speaker

    Why not just get a blue tooth ear bud for you and connect it to your phone. Then screw it into your ear ... Bob's your uncle ... You are taking hands free.
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    United Airline Refund Airline Ticket

    I would ask. Did the presenter buy this ticket or did the conference buy the ticket for him. Is the LHF trying to recoup the money they put out to fly the presenter? I honestly doubt you will be able to get a refund as the airline flew and you canceled. Maybe you can get the presenter to agree...
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    PayPal won't let me close my account

    Under help - then contact us - then message. This link might work after you log on.
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    No Refund of Deposit Royal Caribbean During Pandemic

    Glad you made the right choice on paying the remaindering balance. A happy ending.
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    VRBO not refunding a reservation they cancelled

    I had a similar problem last year. As the owner canceled and not I , I had no problem getting my money back from my credit card. I will add that I did not demand anything I just stated to my CC that I paid for a rental and the owner canceled ( I provided the email from the owner canceling) and...
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    PayPal won't let me close my account

    I recently had a problem with PayPal and followed the routine as per their help section. They sent me a time when I could speak to human via a computer interface. I was able to fix the problem quite easily that way , even if I had to wait till the next day to speak to someone.
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    I was referring to the post by Ctripper. Who claims to have never received his bike. If the shipment was insured he could claim on the insurance.
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    Wedding Cancellation in Lake Tahoe CA

    What is right and what is legal are often on opposite sides.
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    Debit card billing address verification

    Did you send them a copy of your bank statement associated with that debit card? Showing card use?
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    Was the shipment insured at all with USPS?
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    Airbnb Hosting

    I can understand why AirBnB might object to this. late last year I booked an Airbnb that was canceled within 24 hours of my booking. I complained to AirBnB and they gave me a 75.00 credit to be used on any booking on the same dates. Which I used to get a similar location and apartment. So the...
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    It will show your item as shipped as soon as the seller uploads the shipping number. Now I can go online and print a shipping label with today's date upload it and it would show as shipped with an estimated arrival date. Now if I do not bring your package with this label on it to USPS the...
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    Wedding Venue cancellation in Italy

    "The venue did offer to move the wedding to May 2021 " You mighty want to take the new date and run. Otherwise you might be out all your money.
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    Faulty Samsung Refrigerator

    No i am not sure. That part comes up for your appliance. It maybe the same part or it might be a bad cross reference. If not sure asking a repairman might get a definitive answer. I was hoping there would be an easy fix for you. You might be able to find a used one from a repairman that does...
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    Faulty Samsung Refrigerator

    Did you click the link I have posted . You can order that part today. They have it in stock. Will Samsung install it for you if you buy the part. If not have a professional do it as it deals with the coolant gas. They are very fast in getting me parts I have ordered from them in the past. So if...
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    iPhone repair under repair program refused by Apple until paid for other repairs

    They seriously said you had water damage? If so I would have asked how did this happen on a phone that you are supposed to be able to stick in a glass of water safely. I think you should question how this so called water damage happened.
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    USPS re-shippment

    I am pretty sure you can drive back to your old area and pick the package up at the post office. Just contact them and let them know you will be picking it up in person and when. This will save you those fees.
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    Faulty Samsung Refrigerator

    Did you look any place other then appliance parts and pros? Like Ebay or Amazon or maybe Sears? I did a quick search and it looks like sears has one. you can see if it is the right part. If it is the correct part ,the cost is a lot less then a new refrigerator...