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  1. Patina

    Festiva Timeshare / Festiva Adventure Club

    Unfortunately, you will need the assistance of an attorney. Timeshares are notorious for making it difficult to get out of. Sorry, I don't have better news for you.
  2. Patina

    Wedding Cancellation in Lake Tahoe CA

    If the deposit was non-refundable, there is not much you can do if they refuse to extend an exception to the contract. But, why not see if they will give your son a credit to be used for a future date? They may want to visit Tahoe on their one year anniversary and can document the event with...
  3. Patina

    Travel agency won’t give money back

    Do you know why your sister was refunded but you weren't? By the sounds of it, she may have received a refund for all passengers, not just her immediate family if they are asking her to return the refund.
  4. Patina

    Wedding Venue cancellation in Italy

    I think it is safe to say that very few businesses are profiting from the pandemic. Look around you......are your neighbors flourishing? The local restaurants? Shops? Unless its a business like Amazon, they are all trying to stay afloat long enough to see if their business model is viable in...
  5. Patina

    Bahamas trip - United won't refund me!

    Hate to split hairs with you but you are legally allowed to travel to the just have to quarantine for 14 days. I know that your intention was to vacation there but the airlines don't care why you are flying to your destination.
  6. Patina

    Lufthansa - Refund or credit denied for a trip cancelled by Covid-19

    Hmmm, not sure what your experience is with flying....unless you book a "use it or lose it" ticket, most airlines will allow you to keep the value of the ticket for future use within one year of purchasing the ticket. There are change fees associated with this in most cases. Non-refundable...
  7. Patina

    Lufthansa - Refund or credit denied for a trip cancelled by Covid-19

    Why would the OP not be eligible for a voucher? Even in times before Covid, the passenger usually retains the value of the ticket to be used within one year from purchase minus any change fees. @kkpierce, was as the ticket a highly restricted fare? Meaning a use it or lose it fare?
  8. Patina

    September prepaid trip to Italy on Trafalgar tours

    Well said!!!
  9. Patina

    What would be a fair resolution with Travel Agent?

    I think that the problem with the argument that you are in a high risk category and should be granted a refund is that most everyone who has had to cancel their travel plans have some sort of reason they, too, are not willing to travel in the near it financial, health or otherwise...
  10. Patina

    Alaska Airlines Itinerary/ Refund Help

    @Neil Maley the OP wants a refund, not to continue with the trip: "We would like to get a refund"
  11. Patina

    Alaska Airlines Itinerary/ Refund Help

    Call Alaska directly. They changed our itinerary a few months back and gave us a refund without prompting. No need to mention you are seniors.
  12. Patina

    International flights: cancel now or wait? Refund vs. Voucher?

    Well, I think that their personal response outweighs their technical response. Hey.....if you are perfect, then, by all means expect perfection but under the current circumstances, I believe Delta is providing as best customer service as any company out there. And, no, I am not in any way...
  13. Patina

    International flights: cancel now or wait? Refund vs. Voucher?

    I really think that Delta should get a shout out as well. They have been handling most cases exceptionally. Like you said, no arguing needed.
  14. Patina

    Seeking refund from Cathedral View Apartments Rua Nova Casco, Santiago de Compostela Spain

    What were the terms of the reservation? Was it non-refundable?
  15. Patina

    September prepaid trip to Italy on Trafalgar tours

    What are the terms of your contract? Did it allow for cancellation with refund if you cancelled on March 15th? If not, then you should do as @justlisa suggested and contact your insurance company and file a claim.
  16. Patina

    VRBO - Different Scenario

    By continuing to work with VRBO. Use the company contacts at the top of the page to write to the execs, one at a time. With the written promise of a future credit, they may be able to strong arm the owner into honoring it. They can do that by threatening to pull her rental and rescind her...
  17. Patina

    VRBO - Different Scenario

    Bad news: you will not get a refund. Period. You were not eligible under the circumstances. BUT, you should proceed with VRBO is retaining the credit for a future stay as long as you have that in writing from the owner.
  18. Patina

    Should I continue to fly?

    It is really easy to enter into a state without flying, using one major highway, etc. so tracking is much more challenging for mainland states. Since Hawaii can only be accessed via flights or boats, it is much easier to track who enters their state and track accordingly. A person lands at the...
  19. Patina

    Should I continue to fly?

    I second @Neil Maley comment...only you can decide what is best for you. Risk vs reward is based on your own values as well as how well are you able to prepare for the trip to keep exposure at a minimum. Once in Florida, are you planning on spending time in public places or staying put in a...
  20. Patina

    Priceline Issue

    Ah, yes, thank you. Need to up my reading comprehension this week!