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  1. J

    Ruined resort vacation

    @Dogs A hint for the future is if you have specialized gear that can't be easily replaced, put it in your carry on. I have a few diver friends that will put their "I must have mine" gear in their carry-on when they fly for a dive vacation so if their bag is delayed, they can rent the "I don't...
  2. J

    Charge Backs and Theft of Services

    @Papatock The short answer is that in most jurisdictions the adjudication of the chargeback doesn't effect the underlying debt... or in English, the credit card company may find that you didn't follow all of their rules and sustain the chargeback but that doesn't change that they owe (edit: the...
  3. J

    Global Entry Interview

    @California Guess again on the delays... Multi- month delays are normal in the midwest. My wife waited 4 months for her interview. CBP is stretched thin. The added resources they need have to come from somewhere
  4. J

    Keep getting message from previous phone number owner.

    Here's one article I found... One note is that iPhone now have a feature that automatically send calls that aren't in your contact list to voicemail... works great for me.
  5. J

    Korean Airlines Need extension of reschedule

    You might double check but I think AMEX Plat has travel insurance included...
  6. J

    United Marketed/Sold Me a Non-Existent Ticket 4 Hours Before Flight, Offers No Recourse

    @WellTextured Just one * ... UA may not have charged your card for the flight. They may have only authorized the charge which makes it show up in pending. There's actually a two step process that happens. Step 1 is that the charge is authorized and step 2 is that the charge goes through. If you...
  7. J

    Global entry revocation

    FYI.... I found were a blog applied for and received a list of all of the GE revocations... If you want a laugh, take a read at some of the reason people lost their membership...
  8. J

    Global entry revocation

    @adighibendu Have you tried the Traveler Redress program ( )?
  9. J

    2018 Porsche Cayenne Platinum Adaptive Cruise Control

    @Dr G Can you reliably get the vehicle to fail? If so, you might want to offer to take someone from the dealership for a ride to show them the issue. Sounds like you’ve hit a NTF (no trouble found) issue where the dealer can’t see any codes to indicate a failure and can’t replicate the failure...
  10. J


    @Ambusch First step would be to pull your credit report to see what's there. If something fraudulent is on it, you have to report it and work to clear it up. Someone that's extending credit isn't going to do that. Beyond that, why would you want to do business with someone who doesn't want you...
  11. J

    Lufthansa / United Delay Compensation

    @Christina H Unless its a LH ticket on a LH codeshare connecting to LH metal over the water, in which case EU261 would apply. If it was a LH ticket on a LH codeshare including over the water then EU261 may not apply (a little grey area here). Because its a LH ticket, who is bound by EU261...
  12. J

    Lufthansa / United Delay Compensation

    @Christina H If the original routing was LH over the water, they can't avoid EU261 compensation by rerouting onto a different airline. EU261 has already been shown in court to apply to the entire routing including legs that wouldn't have EU261 protection. So, a BA flight from London connecting...
  13. J

    Lufthansa / United Delay Compensation

    @Fleming5477 Was the original booking on UA of LH metal?
  14. J

    Dodge ram recall system

    The recall is only for certain build dates. Beyond that, it’s also 12 years old with the recall hitting the system in 2007.
  15. J

    Vueling - overbooked flights

    @peewee078 If you had waited and you were bumped, the answer is yes. Since you effectively no showed, the answer is probably no. Submit a EU261 claim and see what happens.
  16. J

    Verizon FiOS erroneous bill

    @Janxo I just looked on FIOS's website and it looks like all their billing is post not pre billing so you were probably charged for the service you used before cancellation.
  17. J

    Verizon FiOS erroneous bill

    Can you copy in what they said? Since you were not on a contract, its possible that you were on a post-paid instead of a pre-paid rate so you had to pay for the last part you used? Only you can decide if the amount of money they charged you is worth your time. They think you owe them the money...
  18. J

    Volvo - Parasitic Battery Drain

    @SoCalTraveler As long as you can still unlock your car with a key (so you can unlock the doors and pop the hood), you might try a battery disconnect switch. I found one on Amazon for less than $10. Sits between your battery cable and your battery. Used a lot on vehicles that sit. One note is...
  19. J

    Animals on Planes

    Have you written your Congressperson / Senators? They're the ones who took the lobby money to add the exceptions. They're the ones who need to remove them.
  20. J

    Credit Card Travel Loss Insurance Claim - Any suggestions are appreciated.

    @mooooc333 Quick question... were the flights all on the same ticket?