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    Dental Insurance Claim - Denied Twice

    While there's validity to what you've said you also can't deny that some of our colleagues share some responsibility. In the old days dentists would submit their procedures with no x-rays, photos, or any other documentation. The claims would be paid without question and that led to abuse and...
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    Dental Insurance Claim - Denied Twice

    You're most welcome. Your dentist can always appeal the decision and/or request a peer-to-peer consultation.
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    Dental Insurance Claim - Denied Twice

    First of all, your dentist should have been given a reason why the claim was denied. Did he tell you why United denied the claim? Here are some reasons/theories why your claim may have been denied: 1. The procedure codes and/or teeth numbers were incorrect. Just yesterday I had to deny a...
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    Dental Insurance Claim - Denied Twice

    I'm a dentist who does insurance claims review as a consultant. I can't speak to what your particular insurance plan does but our clients do indeed have licensed dentists reviewing all of their claims. Like SoCal said your insurance policy should state the specifics of the appeals process...
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    Cayman Vacations Won't Refund Even Though Borders Closed

    Well said. I believe the Cayman Islands will be able to weather this better than most. So far they've done a good job keeping the virus at bay and they don't want to jeopardize their efforts. My husband and I are hoping to go there in early December. It's a wonderful place to visit. I hope...
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    Samsung Electronics

    If not for the distance there's a 55' Samsung TV just sitting at my mom and dad's house that I'd be happy to donate. It's over 10 years old but still works despite staying on pretty much 24/7 the whole time. My dad loved TV. They both passed away recently and they'd be thrilled to donate...
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    Travel voucher vs. refund
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    SkyMiles transfer to surviving spouse

    Delta Sky Miles don't expire.
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    BofA credit card

    Years ago our mortgage payment literally got lost in the mail. Right after that my husband signed us up for auto pay and that never happened again. After a few months he noticed both of our 800+ credit scores had dropped 100 points as a direct result of the late mortgage payment. I contacted...
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    BofA credit card

    OP had no problem paying the fee and already did so. What they're trying to do now is have BofA remove the ding on their credit report.
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    How Is Everyone?

    The setup your husband will now have at home is one reason my husband prefers going to the office. When he worked from home the other day he didn't like having just his laptop. He is accustomed to 2 large screens and he can work a lot faster. If he had to work here for any length of time I'm...
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    How Is Everyone?

    I'm a dentist so right now I'm not seeing any patients. Most offices here have shut down entirely. I agree 100% that only emergency treatment should be done at this time, even in those states whose governing boards haven't made that call yet. I also do some consulting work from home and I've...
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    Can I purchase a middle seat without having a person actually sit in it?

    I'd be mad too. If that happened you should get Involuntary Denied Boarding compensation. How would that be any different from booting a paying passenger to accommodate someone else? You bought the seat and you were there using it as it was intended. It's not like you were a no show.
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    American Express Card Dispute

    They were actually under Travel Agency, even though the contacts aren't specific to the Amex Travel. I have a lot of experience looking for things that can't be found. I have a husband. ;)
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    American Express Card Dispute
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    Food Poisining

    Don't forget the people who constantly lick their fingers and proceed to touch everything.
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    Verizon FiOS erroneous bill

    These should work:
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    Volvo - Parasitic Battery Drain

    After having a Volvo XC60 battery die a seemingly premature death I was told to lock the vehicle all the time, even when it's parked in my own garage. Apparently newer vehicles are still "on" despite the engine being turned off. Locking the vehicle is what turns everything off completely. I...
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    Lost luggage 8 days on 22-day European cruise

    My husband and I do this too. Air France managed to lose both of our suitcases and we didn't get the first one until 3 days into a river cruise. Between that and what we had in our carry ons we were fine for the rest of the trip. That wouldn't be the case if we hadn't cross packed.
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    Damaged TV Complain on Etihad airlines

    This person was successful in getting Etihad to compensate for a broken TV: