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    Singapore Airlines

    I would agree with others on this thread. I had trouble following the events, so I can't imagine even trying to respond.
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    Celebrity not allowing double Captains Club Points as I booked the cruise from Vacations to Go America.

    I use to work for VTG in another lifetime and was able to book customers from other countries. The only requirement is that the pricing and promotions were all in USD.
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    Snychrony Bank won't take fraudlant charge off my statement.

    If it is a credit card, then the cardholder has up to 180 from the date charge to still issue a dispute. So that would be another option.
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    Snychrony Bank won't take fraudlant charge off my statement.

    It could also be the agent who gave the wrong credit card number to a policy that don't belong to the cardholder by mistake. I would recommend waiting till the investigation is complete. Sounds like it should be easily cleared up.
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    An Inacurrate Itinerary cost us $3000 - Expedia did attempt to notify and we forgot to call back

    Did you check in a the airline's website 24 hours before your flight?
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    Acave, I've worked in customer service my whole life and I get to see both sides of the issues. On one hand, you have honest customers like you who just saw a great deal and wanted to take advantage of it. Then on the other hand, you have customers who want to take advantage of the system. It...
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    Two photo IDs required at non-airport location

    I actually don't disagree with you at all, Chris! I do believe that they should have disclosed the rules. Which is why I think the discount that the area manager offered is good. Just wanted to help others understand the reasoning. :)
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    Two photo IDs required at non-airport location

    I actually use to work at Enterprise back in the days and the practice is actually acceptable depending on location. I could not open up the documents, but from experience a branch can add extra rules if they are seeing certain issues that their branch experience with approval. For example...
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    Amazon Closed My With $ 2100USD Gift Card Balance, (with a little racism)

    Most likely one of the gift cards were purchased fraudulentlyand was reported. Amazon saw it and place a hold on the account holder and then verified the fraud. Once they do this, they started looking at the large dollar amount and suspected money laundry.
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    Travel agents

    Hey Neil, you're right, I have seen agencies do that too, but the only one who can really take the booking away at that pint is Avalon to keep the customer happy. Once Avalon takes over,you might be able to convinence them to send it to your new agent.
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    Travel agents

    I use to work at a large travel agency that specialized in cruises and I do know that some of or customers have requested to have the booking transfefred to another agency and it has been done. If you haven't reached out to Avalon, I would reach out to them and just let them know that you would...
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    Thanks again, Elliott

    We are so glad that things worked out! I love hearing good stories like this!
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    American Airlines misinformed me costing me half my spring break vacation

    You would have to be able to prove that. For example: pull up your phone right there and then and verify, or a screenshot of the TVs showing the status. You are making a serious claim in a he said she said situtation. I'm not saying I don't believe you, but you have very little hard evidence...
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    American Airlines misinformed me costing me half my spring break vacation

    So you were still at the airport and found out that your flight was not cancelled, did you go back to the AA desk to see if they could put you back on your original flight? My guess is that AA was able to find a plane and reinstate the flight, but in order to put you back on the flight, you...
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    American Airlines misinformed me costing me half my spring break vacation

    I thought I read somewhere that you were 7 hours before your flight. Is that correct? In the 7 hours, did you go back to check to see if your flight has been reinstated? Could the flight have been cancelled when the agent first looked at it when you checked in and later a flight was rerouted...
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    American Airlines misinformed me costing me half my spring break vacation

    I am a bit confused. You were taking a flight out of BWI to Tuscon, with connection throgh DFW, but instead you went from BWI to ORD to Tucson? Were your flights from BWI to Dallas the ones that got cancelled? Did you use miles for the flight, which is why they gave you back miles or was...
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    Western Med. Cruising Rookies Have Questions

    A lot of the ports are actually quite aways from the city and attractions. I agree that it would probably be better to go with the cruise line's excursion. You can get some great advice through cruise critic. There are links to information about each port of call. It is a great research tool...
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    Credit Card Fraud Citibank (Costco)

    The only reason why a card would reamin active is if the cardholder tells the fraud team not to cancel the card.
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    The money would sit at Venmo, for ike 72 hours and then it will be sent back to your husband's account. At that point, he can then reroute the money to WF directly through direct deposit and not through Venmo. Why did he use Venmo and if he had both accounts on his Venmo Account, couldn't he...
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    So you will have to wait a month before Capital One sends their reporting to the credit bureaus, since your bank made the error. Capital One typically reports once a month, so this is not unusual or them. Since you are asking them to make a change and report it off cycle, then you need to...