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    Getting out of timeshare

    FYI, the guy you saw on Undercover Boss sold the company to Apollo Global Management LLC (APO. N). Now you have to deal with a large corporate conglomerate. I to am an owner of Diamond, and I understand that they have a exit policy. Haven't look into it too much, but you can bet they won't...
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    WorldStrides Refusing Refund

    Totally unrelated, but I canceled a pre-payed non-refundable airport hotel room with 7 days free parking with "ParkSleepFly" and as a result of the virus, they agreed to cancel and issued a full refund. Said it could take 30 or more days, but the refund only took about 2 weeks. Just Kudos to...
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    Hawaiian Airlines flight no longer needed - How to proceed

    Had a similar situation with AA for a trip to Orlando on 4/25/20. Was going to wait for the last 24 hrs., but AA contacted me the day before and asked if I wanted a credit or refund. I took the refund, and it only took a week to get an email stating the refund was being processed and would be...
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    Hawaiian Airlines ticketing fiasco

    No they basically only flew 767's at the time for their transocean flights.
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    Hawaiian Airlines ticketing fiasco

    I had a similar problem with HA several years ago also. Booked first class directly, had email confirmation number, and assigned seats . I even checked several times before the trip and everything was good. I always book far in advance, because I like the bulkhead window seats. Checked...
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    Whats Up

    Don't know if this helps, but this happened to me. I had asked for a credit limit increase for an existing CC, and was turned down. I have an excellent credit score. Talked with them and they seems a little lost. Finally figured out I had locked all 3 credit reports and they could not see...