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  1. J

    product warranties ?

    Had a product with a 12 month warranty, which failed at 11 1/2 months. Returned item, expecting it to be repaired & instead they replaced with a whole new item, but new item failed a month later, but now they say the new item, is not covered under a new 12 month warranty, just the original 12...
  2. J

    home exchange ? contact ?

    Hi, Does anyone have a contact for ? Having issues with them, as they are trying to backdate policies.
  3. J

    where's my missing $518 ? (resort charged twice, then refunded once, but exchange rate moved)

    recently paid USD$25,000 by credit card for payment for a group of us going to a resort in USA. Received an email immediately from bank(credit card) saying USD$25,000 had been charged to card & amount in AUD$36,232 (AUD$1 = USD$0.69) Three minutes later, received another email saying another...
  4. J

    has anyone used Uber in Colorado ?

    ask as told it's finally taking off, after lots of opposition from transfer companies, who saw themselves losing business & airports who saw themselves losing fees. Have to get a group of 8 from Frisco to Vail-Eagle airport(EGE). We hired a minivan from Hertz when group was only 6, which was...
  5. J

    Air Asia or Air Asia X executive contacts

    does anyone have any executive contacts for Air Asia X ?
  6. J

    Having a lot of trouble booking a Hertz car from EGE(Vail Eagle regional airport)

    1stly looked at & & & even phoned Hertz in OZ & they gave me numbers like I was trying to buy the cars, not rent them. Wanted 2 small SUVs. 1) for a few hours dropping off at Frisco Co 2) same but for a week dropping back at EGE...
  7. J

    the myth of seat width changes

    am really get sick of all the nonscience about how seats on aircraft are getting narrower. Someone even suggested that airlines are making the seats narrower. Apart from the odd 10 across in some B777's & the odd 9 across in some A330's seat width hasn't changed one bit, on 99% of the worlds...
  8. J

    Southwest-a good news story
  9. J

    advice needed-online travel agency cancels tickets

    someone just asked me for advice directly & didn't know what to say. Here's the saga. Family wants to go to USA from Australia, in Australian school holidays which run for most of December & January. They found a fare with an Australian online travel agent, which was slightly cheaper than...
  10. J

    Turo - pros & cons ?

    noticed that Turo, which for those who don't know, seems to be private car hire & generally is cheaper than dealing with large commercial operators (hey they should be, they have virtually no overheads) I haven't used Turo, but have looked at it a number of times. Even found someone in Denver...
  11. J

    Norwegian getting trans-Atlantic fares down low

    a good news story ...!bdv&w_id=32891&news_id=2026089 the USD$65 fares each way, probably include nothing (probably no food, drinks or checked baggage) but will hopefully keep the big boys honest. Like Scoot (Singapore...
  12. J

    talking to a friend this am about a ski holiday in Colorado-a good news story

    Australians generally book their international holidays, a long way ahead, like 11 months ahead, especially during school holidays when airfares are at their highest levels, but these guys didn't & only decided just after new year to go skiing in Colorado, on way to the east coast of USA from...
  13. J

    American Airlines - new baggage policy - crazy ?

    for 30+ years have flown to USA mainland at least once a year from Australia, sometimes 3 times or more a year. Sometimes, we stopover in LA & do the tourist thing, but more recently tend to want to get to final destination, without an overnight stopover. Usually have paid tickets to LAX, SFO...
  14. J

    booked Flamingo in Vegas thru Expedia

    knew it was a very old hotel. Deal said free car parking & free breakfast(there were 3 of us). Free parking was indeed free, but the free breakfast, was a $9 credit each for 2 people/day, at a certain eatery only. We couldn't use it at all on last morning, as we had a 7.15am flight. Eatery...
  15. J

    Uber in LA !!!

    Uber is not strictly car rental, but thought I'd mention, what happened to us. We needed to get from hotel just near LAX to Hollywood. So went to my Uber app (use Uber a lot in Australia), BUT the app appeared different & it didn't seem to offer us the choice of Ubers - different size cars)...
  16. J

    missed flight on west coast due to late arrival

    just wanted to run this by the experts ... Had a frequent flyer ticket from Colorado to west coast, with 2.5 hour connect to a paid ticket out of west coast. Unfortunately, the inbound flight into Colorado was very late. It couldn't land due to poor visibility. Ground staff said they were...
  17. J

    paying for USA resort stay with Australian credit card(how to avoid bank fees)

    Doing a 2 week stay at a USA resort & balance can be paid by credit card. Have already paid a very small amount for deposit by credit card. Catch is, Australian banks, (who control most credit cards), surely the most profitable in the world, charge fees up to 3% on international transactions...
  18. J

    paid for airfare twice with Paypal-can't get refund

    here's a good one, which thought would never happen to me after working for decades in travel. Paid for airfare with Paypal, but just after sent it, realised it was somehow paid with my bank funds, not credit card, so emailed the travel agency & paid them again & asked them to refund 1st...
  19. J

    are Allegiant dropping LAX/HNL flights ?

    ask as they only seem to have flights loaded to 30 AUG 2016. Friend is trying to book cheap flight for January 2017. No response when emailed Allegiant.
  20. J

    can you now buy Priceline NAME YOUR PRICE tickets originating in Australia ?

    someone just told me they made a bit on priceline for tickets Australia to USA round trip. There bid was declined. Does this now mean that you can now buy tickets originating in Australia or will all bid simply be declined ?