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  1. jsn55

    Budget charged $218 for a dead battery after only driving 1.1 miles

    I have no idea what goes through peoples' heads. If you're renting cars, wouldn't it benefit everyone to include the owner's manual with each car? Why would you not make your customer's life easier? My last SUV had no manual, and I had to stop by the dealer to find out how to get the side...
  2. jsn55

    Ovago Policy

    I am just chiming in with sympathy. Everybody's in the same boat if they didn't book directly with the airline. If the terms state that you have to pay the fee to obtain a refund, there's little you can do. I'm sorry you're having to go through this. "The internet is not your friend". Far...
  3. jsn55

    Turkish Airlines Refund

    This echoes my thinking. I'm assuming that you booked directly with Turkish and paid with a credit card. If not, there's a whole other reality in place. I doubt if Turkish has the capacity to deal with refunds right now, as they are dealing with flights and pax every day. Probably most of...
  4. jsn55

    Travel Insurance refund

    Important that your letter acknowledge that you are asking for an exception to the general rule of insurance not being refundable. Be as charming as possible, your job is to make the person reading your letter want to help you.
  5. jsn55

    Using a credit on El Al Airlines from a cancelled flight

    Three cheers for AmericanExpress.
  6. jsn55

    Princess Cruise Lines Future Cruise Credit Refund

    I understand what you're saying, and you're right in theory. It's important to understand reality. Revenue stops, employees are barred from coming to work. Refund requests pour in. No cash to refund. No idea when revenue will resume. Must prioritize the life of the cruise line and pay the...
  7. jsn55


    While we are counselling patience and understanding during this time, any airline should be refunding immediately. A full-fare tix purchaser should be treated better than this. But with Travelocity in the middle, who knows what's going on.
  8. jsn55

    PayPal account inaccessible due to new rules. They refuse to help. I can't even close my account.

    It's always the same with internet-entity issues. A consumer is unhappy with the way they do business. The consumer thinks he can "change them" to operate in a way the consumer wishes. When the consumer is educated about how they operate, s/he often resorts to accusing us of being involved...
  9. jsn55

    Target keeps on cancelling my order

    Gift cards are the flavor of the month with scammers these days. Apparently they are able to get things started physically in a store with gift cards displayed out in the open. Then they wait until someone buys one and slurp the value right up. There are also issues with consumers doing...
  10. jsn55

    Advice needed - codeshare legs cancelled, AA throwing up their hands

    How much time do you have before the trip? I fully understand what you're doing and why. I would figure out a few routings that would work for you and call AA. I don't think you can expect a CSR to come up with much ... they've gotta be exhausted from these past months. So give them some...
  11. jsn55

    BA Problem

    Am I reading this right? You refunded the client before BA refunded? Why would you do that? How do you know that BA won't refund each tix separately and bypass you? I hope you find out who your BA rep is pretty soon.
  12. jsn55

    Antarctica Travel Insurance

    And I am more than grateful for this information before it was too late to do anything. I had heard about the change, but I ... gasp ... mis-read the benefits guide a few months ago. Thank you.
  13. jsn55

    Travel insurance refund due to pandemic

    Globus is a large travel provider that's been around for a while. I had no trouble accepting a credit from their subsidiary, Avalon Waterways, for a river cruise that included first class air. I had good warning from my travel agent, so I could rebook quickly and insure the new trips. My...
  14. jsn55

    Dental Insurance Claim - Denied Twice

    I agree! It's wonderful to have the expertise of someone on the "inside" to explain and describe what to most of us is totally confusing. We are lucky to have you as an advocate, ADM.
  15. jsn55

    VRBO and homeowner keeping full rental amount for Covid-19 cancellation-- do not use VRBO

    This is horrible, I am so sorry that your wonderful reunion didn't happen. Your mom must be so disappointed. Bluntly, this is a business transction. the owner owes you nothing. But that doesn't mean you'll get nothing. I would take a deep breath and start negotiation for a 50% refund...
  16. jsn55

    BA Problem

    We advocate for consumers, if you're a travel agent, you should contact your BA rep for assistance.
  17. jsn55

    Using a credit on El Al Airlines from a cancelled flight

    I would avoid any airline in the future who just walks away one day, stops answering the phone, doesn't respond. Shows complete disregard for their pax. You have to be truly mismanaged to behave like that and I'd never fly them. It's the same concept as a couple of well-known airlines being...
  18. jsn55

    Budget charged $218 for a dead battery after only driving 1.1 miles

    Good Lord, you were lucky! When vehicles started getting crazy, I developed a little mental checklist of "wipers, washers, headlights, seat, rear-view and side mirrors". Usually have to drive out of the cave-like garage to see the controls. But all bets are off at midnight!
  19. jsn55

    Air New Zealand ticket, flight operated by United, purchased with US Bank reward points = You don't exist!!!!

    One little clarification ... and another layer. USBank probably does not do the travel planning, they hire it out. For instance, Chase Ultimate Rewards farmed all the travel out to Expedia many months ago. Most of us had heart attacks, but I called Chase' Travel Desk and they assured me that...
  20. jsn55

    Ryanair knowingly close their eyes to the Covid19

    An airline is never responsible for the pax documentation. Even if they wanted to, it would be an impossible job. Anyone travelling out of their home country needs to know all the details about their proposed trip. Nobody is going to furnish you with the information at the airport or on the...