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  1. Neil Maley

    Viking unwilling to extend 125% FCC

    We’ve done several stories on canceling too soon:
  2. Neil Maley

    Is Airbnb responsible for anything, ever?

    Did you contact Airbnb as soon as you saw the condition of the place? Were there reviews of the property before you booked?
  3. Neil Maley

    Hartford -AARP

    Can you show us a link to the current offer? I don't see anything in a google search. I also noted that people that did receive the bag were unhappy with the quality.
  4. Neil Maley

    Hyundai engine problems

    What did the dealer in Jacksonville tell you? Bob, why don't you try using our company contacts for Hyundai and writing one by one to the executives? It never hurts to ask - the worst that can happen is they say no and the best is a compelling case might make it to the desk of an executive...
  5. Neil Maley

    Hyundai engine problems

    Good job researching, weihlac.
  6. Neil Maley

    Hyundai engine problems

    Perhaps the original engine was replaced because of the recall.
  7. Neil Maley

    What would be a fair resolution with Travel Agent?

    It doesn’t matter if the agency is in the US- if hotels and suppliers are in the countries that are using the laws they have, the agency can’t get your money back for you. I can tell you we are dealing with this with a Greek cruise line. They have cancelled all sailings for this year and are...
  8. Neil Maley

    LOT Polish Airlines executive email address?

    File a credit card dispute with your credit card.
  9. Neil Maley

    What would be a fair resolution with Travel Agent?

    What was the cancellation policy when you cancelled? If you were traveling in Europe, many countries have enacted laws that suppliers do not have to offer refunds at all- they can offer a credit. You agreed to a credit but you certainly can ask for a refund on your terms but they don’t have...
  10. Neil Maley

    LOT Polish Airlines executive email address?

    You can complete this form and our researcher can try to help. Many airlines do not have the cash for refunds right now. You should contact your credit card company and file a dispute if your flights fall under DOT rules.
  11. Neil Maley

    Refund Versus Future Credit

    The agent did their job and did exactly what the OP told them to do.
  12. Neil Maley

    Hyundai engine problems

    It actually is transferrable with limitations ; To back up their reputation for creating dependable vehicles, some Hyundai models come with Hyundai Assurance. While this is great news for new car buyers, used car buyers are left wondering, “Is the Hyundai warranty transferable?” The answer...
  13. Neil Maley

    Aegean Air/Refund

    The Greek government is backing the credits.
  14. Neil Maley

    Refund Versus Future Credit

    If you did not have an active illness that prevented you from traveling, my original information in post 2 is correct. Covid isn‘t a covered reason to cancel - if you had Covid and couldn't travel - that’s a covered reason. Pandemics aren’t covered and is considered force majeure. Millions of...
  15. Neil Maley

    Hyundai engine problems

    Did you get a CarFax report when you purchased? I wonder if the dealer you bought the car from could be held responsible for not divulging that information. How long have you had the car and did you have a mechanic check it out before you bought? Was there any kind of warranty when you bought it?
  16. Neil Maley

    Using a credit on El Al Airlines from a cancelled flight

    Y You were given a conditional credit that may not be permanent. ElAl has usually 30 days to respond to the claim. After that Amex looks at the case she decides to make it permanent or not. You will hear from them at that time. I don’t believe ElAl has anyone in their offices so if they don't...
  17. Neil Maley

    Refund Versus Future Credit

    I did read your post. You were not clear that this illness had nothing to do with Covid. Did your policy have coverage for pre-existing medical conditions? If so, your doctor should complete insurance forms to request reimbursement for the cancellation penalty. If your condition had worsened...
  18. Neil Maley

    Travel Insurance refund

    I’m sorry to hear about your cancer diagnosis. Travel insurance is nonrefundable after usually a 10 to 14 day look back period when you buy. The insurance companies are being generous by offering a credit for another trip. They are paying out millions of dollars to people who had cancel for...
  19. Neil Maley

    Turkish Airlines Refund

    For those two flights you can file a complaint with the DOT and tell them the airline isn’t meeting DOT requirements if you booked directly with the airline. If you booked through an OTA or travel agency- they don’t have to.
  20. Neil Maley

    Ovago Policy

    Book directly with an airline going forward.