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  1. Patina

    57 min connection in Detroit.....too short or okay?

    I normally give ourselves longer than that for layovers but we are flying to Burlington VT with limited options from Idaho. Is this the one time that I break my own rule?!?
  2. Patina

    The nickeling and diming continues...

    Apparently, United is going to be charging a fee if you want to sit toward the front of the plane in economy (not just aisle and window seats):
  3. Patina

    News article: Delta cracking down on ESAs

    Finally! This is music to my ears that an airline is addressing the fake ESA phenomena: Synopsis: Delta is creating its own regulations for emotional support animals: Starting March 1st, the owner...
  4. Patina

    News article: Where is my checked bag?!?

    Another reason why more passengers will carry on instead of check in their luggage: UPDATE: For those who do not want to click on the link (totally understand that) or cannot access the article through the link...
  5. Patina

    Another cautionary tale about trip insurance

    I want to share our recent experience with trip insurance and how glad we were we purchased a policy. In a nutshell: We traveled to Europe for 5 weeks last summer. Midway through the trip I was experiencing symptoms that were of concern. While in Paris we went to the emergency room at...
  6. Patina

    Direct to Immigration's Secondary Screening?

    Does anyone know if you are required to use the kiosks for immigration or can you skip them and go directly to the secondary screening area? Due to the highly common name of my husband (and the fact that a known criminal shares the same name), my husband always (100% so far) receives an "X" on...
  7. Patina

    TSA Pre-check misses mark

    News article about TSA's pre-check and how it's current failure is supposedly the consumer's fault:
  8. Patina

    Itinerary Changes by Delta, Passengers' Rights

    A minor change in our international itinerary was made by Delta. The change is only a 5 minute difference but I clicked on 'Conditions Apply' link to see what my rights out of curiosity. It does not appear that you can cancel your entire ticket and be refunded under these terms. Here is the...
  9. Patina

    Court Rules Jet Can Be Impounded.....

    Funny how it takes this level of threat to get an airline to pay a passenger $680!