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    LG television

    That's quite interesting ... as a Viewsonic reseller and user for about 20 years, we have never found one of their monitors with anything other than a three year warranty ... even their cheap $100 models. We have had maybe a total 5% failure rate over the 100s we've sold, and any of those that...
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    Shopping for wedding dresses

    My daughter has ordered prom dresses from and everything about the experience has been wonderful. The dresses that we have ordered are well made, shipped from the continental United States and the return policy is very liberal. When we have needed a different size (even on sale or...
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    Dishwasher model noGDF620HGJ4BB, serial no HH838387BB

    It's getting very difficult, if not impossible, to find the non-electronic versions of appliances. I just searched, and the Hot Point website and there is no strictly mechanical washing machine available. That being said, replacing the logic board (or controller board) in...
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    Lenovo Problems...understatement

    As weihlac indicated, that computer is appropriate for elementary or middle school, not even high school. I am a former HP dealer ... their product quality and support is so terrible we begged to be removed from their authorized dealer list and wouldn't sell an HP anything (except their laser...
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    iCloud Password Issue

    Heck yeah! I actually had engraved Opus and Bill on my wife's and my wedding bands. Glad my knowledge and experience was of help ...
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    iCloud Password Issue

    Nor am I ... that doesn't make much sense since the accounts are (in theory) all linked. Give the iMazing product a try ... if it allows your girlfriend to backup her important data attached to the "locked" iCloud account, that may be the best choice and then just abandon that iCloud account and...
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    iCloud Password Issue

    Mark, By default, all Messages are synced and attached to the iCloud account ... even if they are also attached to the cell number. Most data on the iPhone is stored in iCloud, regardless of whether iCloud backup was working or not. Was there ever a backup done through iTunes to the PC? If so...
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    iCloud Password Issue

    This is 100% true ... this has nothing to do with arrogance, not being compassionate or any of the other unnecessary slams in other replies here. I am an independent Apple tech and sometimes, due to security, losing certain passwords means losing your data. Don't the Apple bashers here remember...
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    Delivery to hotel

    That's what I experienced also ... staying at the Coronado at WDW. It wasn't presented up front and seemed to be tied to the fact that it was their "business center" that handled the package. On one hand, I can understand their having to store and track a package that might arrive a day (or...
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    Heads up on Skype/Microsoft problem (long)

    Thanks ... I know that came off as kind of preachy but two of the worst messages I have to deliver to my clients are "Your password wasn't sufficiently strong and your iCloud/Microsoft/whatever account has been compromised" or "Your hard drive has failed, Drive Savers can't recover anything, and...
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    Heads up on Skype/Microsoft problem (long)

    Ultimately, as the OP indicated at the end of her tale of woe, this is about passwords and security. It doesn't matter one whit whether you use Skype, FaceTime, Facebook Messenger, etc. If you aren't using a complex, secure password (either 14-18 completely random alphanumeric characters with...
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    Air fresheners in hotels!

    I hear you on that one ... most scents will cause an asthma attack and, more often than not, cause breathing issues for hours after the attack (guess I need to buy a supply of overpriced epipens). Let's not even discuss the fact that these "scents" are generally petroleum-based and are hugely...
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    Settling up with Credit Cards for deceased.

    @sas80 ... right ... i absolutely love reading Joe's responses to just about anything ... not only a font of very useful information but amusing at the same time ... on a more somber note ... my condolences on the passing of your father.
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    Avis/Sedgwick false claim bill for $8000 !!

    This is exactly what I was getting ready to submit ... the oil change light means nothing ... other than the mileage counter (or time) has reached the programmed interval suggesting that the oil be changed. It is in no way indicative of any issue or problem with the vehicle. If there was an oil...
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    Misleading Hewlett Packard Computer Warranty

    You are 100% correct ... not only does refurbished not really mean anything (legally) ... what it does mean, practically, is that the computer was broken, it was returned and MAYBE it was fixed. Most of the time, the discount for a refurbished computer is nominal (less than 10%) making it no...
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    Misleading Hewlett Packard Computer Warranty

    Joe, I don't disagree with that at all ... it is certainly a time waste and your tack is great ... a small value gift card for your inconvenience is perfect. Of course, if the retailer properly reported the sale (with Apple computers, B&H and Adorama do so), we wouldn't have to deal with this...
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    Misleading Hewlett Packard Computer Warranty

    Joe, it is not uncommon for the manufacturer to start the warranty on the ship date as they have no idea how long the computer will sit in a warehouse. We have had that issue with Apple computers that we sold as we really liked selling discounted leftover boxes when new models came out...
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    Misleading Hewlett Packard Computer Warranty

    We were HP dealers for many, many years. Probably about 10 years ago, we actually begged HP to remove us from their authorized dealer listing as their products had fallen so far in quality. We actually received a desktop computer through distribution (not direct from HP) that had no installed...
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    AVIS Damage Claim

    this should be the name of a new section: "More Joe Wisdom" ... it would be one of the most popular sections of the site (along with the Good News section).
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    Cello has no passport

    sorry for the off-topic but ... you are too freakin' funny ... limoncello ...