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  1. Neil Maley

    What You Need To Know Before Booking A River Cruise

    A river cruise is a very different experience than an ocean cruise. You are on intimate ships- usually with less than 200 passengers- that have smaller cabins. You travel on beautiful rivers with full time scenery as you sail. You dock in small towns you can usually walk to. But there are some...
  2. Neil Maley


    Can you expand in what you are talking about?
  3. Neil Maley

    The Other Side of Airbnb Problems

    Here is an example of the other side of Airbnb rentals - where the homeowner was ripped off. Luckily Airbnb provides insurance for them.
  4. Neil Maley

    Gift Card Fraud

    Our local news did a story on gift card fraud and why stores are cracking down on gift cards. Please note in the story that some of these gift cards that are being sold to third parties - which could be why some of them are drained before a buyer uses them...
  5. Neil Maley

    Getting New Luggage With a USB Charger? Think twice!

    This is a very timely article I just happened to come upon as I am looking at a carry on with a USB port. You may not be able to check one of these due to the lithium batteries...
  6. Neil Maley

    Using Social Media To Complain About Your Airline

    ABC News ran this story about Southwest Airlines having a department that seeks out its hashtags on social media for complaints in an attempt to fix problems as they occur...
  7. Neil Maley

    Interesting Article About EU261 Compensation

    Helpful info on EU261 compensation:
  8. Neil Maley

    How the OTAs are Handling Hurricane Cancellations

    An article from Travel Market Report OTA Customers Again Left Stranded When Mother Nature Throws a Curveball September 15, 2017 Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) spend billions of dollars each year enticing consumers to book online, showcasing the ease of using their platform and the money...
  9. Neil Maley

    Interesting Article From Former Time Share Salesman

    This is pretty much what we've explained to those who write in for help.
  10. Neil Maley

    Here is what not to do if you aren't at the gate at the time printed on your boarding pass

    It's long but fast forward to the last 3 minutes.
  11. Neil Maley

    BBB Issues Warning About Booking Payless Car Rental

    The BBB issued a warning about booking Payless Car Rental. ABC News dusvsn umdercover report by renting four cars from Payless as well:
  12. Neil Maley

    Things Airline Agents Want You To Know

    Interesting article on information airline reps. want you to know. And many of them are things we tell you already...
  13. Neil Maley

    Very interesting article on the state of air travel today

    For all of us that scratch our heads about the state of traveling by air today, here is a great article on why:
  14. Neil Maley

    Southwest to Stop Overbooking

    Southwest has announced they will stop the practice of overbooking. Good for them. What I find interesting is the most consumer friendly airline overbooked the most passengers.,amp.html
  15. Neil Maley

    Good Article about finding a travel agent

    This is a good article from The NY Times on finding a travel agent;
  16. Neil Maley

    Perfect Example of Why You Should Consider Travel Insurance

    A friend of ours was on this ship and witnessed this evacuation. Do you know the average cost for this type of emergency evacuation? $72,000. This is why you should always consider travel insurance with emergency evacuation coverage. Unless you have that kind of cash hanging around to pay the...
  17. Neil Maley

    Expedia's All Time Low For Customer Service

    Think you'll receive good customer service from an OTA? This has the be the lowest:
  18. Neil Maley

    DOT Airline Passenger Flying Rights

    In answering another question about compensation for a canceled flight, I found the DOT's Consumer Rights for Flying and it is worth posting. Everyone might want to check this because it offers very interesting information on what an airline is and isn't required to do for everything from...
  19. Neil Maley

    13 Things you didn't know about online travel agencies

    Interesting article about online agencies:
  20. Neil Maley

    Get ready for even more fees at Spirit

    Get ready for Spirit cracking down on the size of your personal carry on item: