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    Target keeps on cancelling my order

    Did you save the gift card to your account first? If you have no other payment method, it becomes your default. If it still cancels your order after you save the GC you might need to add a another payment method (bank acct, credit card) before you can use the gift card. But I’d check...
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    VRBO and homeowner keeping full rental amount for Covid-19 cancellation-- do not use VRBO

    It isn’t due to meanness or lack of fairness from your host that you aren’t entitled to a refund. It’s because you chose a rental with a strict cancellation policy and the host is simply adhering to the terms. You also agreed to the same terms when you sent in your deposit. It appears you...
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    Air New Zealand ticket, flight operated by United, purchased with US Bank reward points = You don't exist!!!!

    US Bank uses Reward Center for their travel planning.
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    Permanent ban from Airbnb

    First I am so sorry this happened to you and I hope your injury has healed. Airbnb’s Terms of Service, #14 Prohibitive Activities states that you agree not to “otherwise engage in any violent, harmful, abusive or disruptive behavior” . Based on my own experience as an Airbnb host, if a guest...
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    Travel insurance refund due to pandemic

    Good point but if the door to a premium refund was opened by the agent (OP mentioned it was), there is no harm or loss in pursuing the return of the $687.
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    Travel insurance refund due to pandemic

    You should call back and ask specifically how to request that your premium be refunded to you. I know that some companies, like Allianz for example, have a dedicated email to send those requests. You will likely need to include proof that your trip is cancelled.
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    Air New Zealand ticket, flight operated by United, purchased with US Bank reward points = You don't exist!!!!

    If you booked thru Flexperks travel program, you have to go thru them. They are essentially operating like a travel agent in your case. I know, it probably means you will be on hold for awhile if you call. You will find the T&C for their travel program in the mountain of paperwork they sent you...
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    British Airways and AVIOS refund

    To get your Avios back, you have to call the Executive Club number. That’s been my experience. During pre-Covid times, there was a fee to get them re-deposited. They’ll likely waive the fee since they cancelled the flight. But there isn’t a way online to specifically get your Avios re-deposited...
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    International flights: cancel now or wait? Refund vs. Voucher?

    With hundreds (or more) pilots from the legacy airlines who took the paid leave of 3 or 6 months in the spring, scheduled to return to work late summer and fall, I think the airlines are planning all along to expand their schedules and routes, not cancel them. I do think the advice to wait it...
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    International flights: cancel now or wait? Refund vs. Voucher?

    So far this year, I’ve cancelled 2 Delta international flights and got refunds for both. The most recent one I cancelled yesterday for a flight departing in Oct. That flight had been changed multiple times and this last time they had me departing from a different airport. That’s a significant...
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    Can I get back my amazon gift card

    I had a paper Amazon gift card fall down into a Porta-Potty once and even tho I absolutely knew it would never be used and the money would be there forever, when I called Amazon about it the answer was “no, it’s like cash we can’t reimburse you for the loss.” Literally like throwing money down a...
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    United refund process

    Really, the only way you can be certain that your refund request will be honored is to call them. Using the online form is always a bit uncertain and if you end up accepting a voucher that way, it would be almost impossible to then try and get a refund. So call them and tell them that your...
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    Airline has not cancelled flight, EU has banned travel from USA

    I’ve cancelled flights 5 minutes before they closed boarding at the gate so yes, you can cancel inside 24 hrs. You would still be offered a voucher, tho. And showing up at the airport hoping that your flight is cancelled at the last minute so you can get a refund is not a well-thought out plan...
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    Unable to receive refund for eligible canceled flight

    You just need to call the Delta refund line and tell them the changes to your upcoming trip is unacceptable and you want a refund. Be prepared to be on hold for awhile/hours. Be calm and firm. Have your trip info ready. I was able to get a refund on nonrefundable Delta tickets after they made...
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    Chase Credit Card Services will not help me with reported Fraud Transactions

    Also you could have Locked the card online between the time you discovered it was missing and 12 days later when you actually notified Chase it was missing. There’s a link in your account online to do that. The Lock feature is not a substitute for reporting fraud. It’s just a mechanism to...
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    Paypal permanently limit my account for 180 days

    I’ve had two PayPal business accounts for years. Each is a LLC. Each one has its own email address and financial information. There is no overlap between these two accounts. I think the problem OP has might be that the same debit card (it’s a personal debit card?) and possibly other financial...
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    I inherited AA miles some years back. It was a monumental pain to collect. But it was A LOT of miles so I went thru the motions. It required a death certificate and a number of other documents. The Points Guy wrote an article last year about bequeathing and inheriting miles that gives a good...
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    Delta Reservation Cancellation

    You still have reservations and need to call Delta to cancel. I had a similar situation with Delta recently (departure time was changed to 2 hours early, longer layover of 6 hours instead of 3, and I wouldn’t get to my final destination until after midnight). I called the Delta refund line and...
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    Making sure I'm prepared when I tell airline I want refund vs credit

    I’ve had to call 6 airlines to date for cancellations on future travel this year so perhaps this will help: You need to call as instructed and make sure they cancelled the trip. In my experience, not once since the pandemic has a CSA on the phone ever volunteered alternate reservations. Most...
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    Trip to Maui

    Just yesterday, I cancelled a non refundable Delta ticket for July and am getting a full refund. My itinerary was changed from a 3 hour layover to a 6 hour layover in Detroit. I would arrive at my final destination past midnight. I called Delta, was on hold for 2 hrs and told the agent the...