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    Purchased CDW/LDW from AVIS.. Collision occured..Segdwick claiming reckless driving to charge me money

    Disagree. I am absolutely sure my insurance would cover me under the circumstances, although nonrenewal or a rate increase might be likely. Also agree the OP might need a lawyer. Doesn't seem right that Sedgwick get to be judge and jury as to a finding of recklessness, in the absence of a...
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    Excessive Loss of Use Charges from Avis

    One thing I have always found puzzling and unfair about loss of use charges: They always want to recover the revenue associated with loss of use But they don't credit the reduced expenses when the car is not in use (wear and tear, mileage based depreciation, etc.)
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    Elliott Website?

    I followed an e-mail link and ended up at as opposed to that I have bookmarked. The article content is different, the .com site appearing to be more up to date, but the .com site doesn't have forums. Is there an explanation as this is quite confusing?
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    Advice would be appreciated

    NCL is pretty good about refunding excursions. We took the White Pass railway in Skagway, were only able to do about 2/3 of the distance due to track blockage, and recieved a full refund.
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    Portland suites hotel

    I do not disagree that smoke odor clings to a smokers person, clothing, etc. However, that is not relevant to the contractual requirments for staying in a hotel room, which are not to smoke in the room or other non-designated place. If the hotel wishes to charge for residual odors, this should...
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    GMC electrical issues!

    A bad ignition switch can cause some strange symptoms. As far as braking by itself, you could disconnect the ABS. I agree with finding a good independent mechanic. Does it act up frequently enough that a mechanic can duplicate the problem?
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    Honda Motor Corp

    Honda lost me as a customer with my 1979 Civic. It was OK for the first 50,000 miles then started falling apart. The local dealer was incompetent.
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    Westgate Cruise and Travel

    I looked it up and Westgate Cruise and Travel is a DBA of International Cruise and Excursion in Scottsdale, Az. They have or have had a number of DBA's including Explore Cruise and Travel and Member Travel Privileges (both affiliated with USAA) and Sears Vacation Club. Probably others. Whatever...