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  1. J

    2011 Volkswagen Tiguan Water pump / Coolant Defect

    I suspect you may have narrowed down why the previous owner sold the vehicle. It looks like there was also a class action related to timing chain failures for some Tiguans as well. was your VIN included in that recall? Your cheapest option may turn out to be trading in the Tiguan for something...
  2. J

    PayPal account inaccessible due to new rules. They refuse to help. I can't even close my account.

    Im not sure what sort of “legal notice” was sent but they may refuse to communicate with you directly because of it. If you threatened to get a lawyer involved, their legal team will await contact from your lawyer.
  3. J

    Dealer didn’t refill motor oil

    I’m not so much attempting to diagnose as trying to find something concrete you can attribute to the dealer. Rightly or wrongly, they will not accept any responsibility for low oil observed several hundred or thousand miles after an oil change, without a misthreaded drain plug or missing gasket...
  4. J

    Dealer didn’t refill motor oil

    You never replied if yours has the turbo engine? If it is, 3,000 miles is enough that it could have consumed (not burned) that much oil and it’s possible that the turbo or engine were damaged enough to be low on power, but would require thousands in labor costs to break down and fully diagnose...
  5. J

    Dealer didn’t refill motor oil

    This is unfortunately a bit of a myth. If you have just an oil pressure warning system, it’s possible to be significantly low on oil and yet still have enough pressure in the system that it won’t trigger the light. (Oil level gauge is a different story, but it’s not likely he has one).
  6. J

    Dealer didn’t refill motor oil

    Guessing this one is the V6 and not the I4 turbo engine?
  7. J

    Updated departure times = full refund?

    The Disney parks are not reopening until July 11-15. Only Universal parks are currently open and will be open during their trip.
  8. J

    Southwest Airlines Refund Request

    I just want to note that Southwest discontinued senior fares as of last December.
  9. J

    Poshmark scammers

    I’m not sure if the heart of this issue is Poshmark or a compromised Amex Bluebird account/card. It sounds like maybe the latter. Is it possible the money was refunded from Poshmark and already removed from the account by someone else?
  10. J

    Alaska Airlines

    There are pretty good odds that the flight schedule will change drastically enough between now and January that you’ll be allowed to cancel for that reason and get a refund. I would just wait and see for now. Keep an eye out for any flight change updates in your email.
  11. J

    Refund denied after United cancelled flight

    Did you buy the tickets directly from United or is there another entity involved, like an online travel agency? Just wondering if the funds could be held up elsewhere.
  12. J

    Car rental window damaged

    She made an earlier post and I believe this is supposed to be a reply on that one. She had an enterprise rental and couldn’t contact her claims agent. I gave her the phone number for their claims/damage department but it doesn’t sound like she used it (or maybe even saw it). She needs to speak...
  13. J

    Car rental window damaged

    Do you have a claim number with Enterprise? When I’ve dealt with damaged Enterprise rentals, I’ve usually dealt with a specific person but there is also a main call center where you can get help if they’re able to look up your incident. Looks like 1-866-300-3239 might be the number.
  14. J

    Keep the vouchers or file a claim?

    OP has a Delta ticket. If they haven’t received the email I copy-pasted, they should try checking the spam/junk folder for verification.
  15. J

    Keep the vouchers or file a claim?

    Delta sent me this email upon cancellation (cancelled mid-March for a flight a few days later). It looks like it should be a pretty simple process to use that credit for a future flight and it may be possible to check the value with a mock booking but I haven’t tried...
  16. J

    Legit Damage, but no demand letter.

    Did you report the damage and get an incident report when you returned the car? Or did you just turn it in as usual and wait for them to find the damage?
  17. J

    AT&T Refund

    Have you already suggested to them that you plan on getting a lawyer involved? If that’s the case, they likely won’t communicate directly with you anymore.
  18. J

    Upgraded? New Data plan put in place and now I have a $700 phone bill.

    To be fair, the universe has balanced itself with my Comcast/Xfinity experience. Being patient and persistent - and always beginning conversations as if it’s CLEARLY an accident that they would naturally want to fix - has usually gotten my issues corrected with AT&T. I had the Canada issue, a...
  19. J

    Upgraded? New Data plan put in place and now I have a $700 phone bill.

    I know this goes against our usual advice here, but have you spoken to anyone over the phone about this? I’ve had a few issues with them over the years, but when I’ve been able to speak to a representative I’ve usually gotten them to correct my account immediately, where I can log in while I’m...
  20. J

    Will American Airlines act honorably under the circumstances?

    It sounds like the earlier flight you booked was a separate booking and not a rebooked version of a previous flight, right? Since the first leg was cancelled by the airline, the second leg should have also been automatically cancelled and, in theory, a refund should be granted. It sounds like...