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    Fraudulent Healthcare Charge

    I had the same thing happen to me last year: at a wellness visit I asked my doctor a follow-up question about issues that affect my health. There was no additional exam, no referrals, no prescriptions, but that single question asked within the parameters of a well-check triggered an office...
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    No Refund

    There was recently a Vice article about this practice of switching renter last-minute to another apartment....https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/43k7z3/nationwide-fake-host-scam-on-airbnb
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    DirecTV bill too high? Advocate for yourself

    I did the same thing with ATT U-Verse service: I TV adn internet had service with them for 5 years, then moved and took the service with me (move within the same neighborhood). Two years after my move, the bill went up nearly $60/month, I was told that a promotional rate had expired...I was...
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    HP "lemon" laptop

    Thanks! Thanks, I didn't realize that. I am not sure if the paperwork made that clear. I will go back to them now.
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    HP "lemon" laptop

    I purchased a HP laptop (HP Notebook 15) from Costco in November of 2017, and bought the extended 3-year warranty through HP. In September of 2018 the hard drive failed, and I had it replaced through HP. Yesterday the replaced hard drive failed again. Since it is still under warranty I contacted...
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    Round trip ticket with unknown return date

    Granted this was a long time ago (20 yrs), but when I did a lot of international travel as an undergrad and grad student I used STA travel, it is a travel site for college-age students (I think you age-out at 25 or 26), that you can access if you have an International Student Identity Card...
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    Last week my boyfriend got an email from Uber showing that his account had been accessed on a mobile device in Vietnam. We live in Ohio. Fortunately, there were no charges, and he quickly changed his password and notified Uber and his credit card attached to the account.
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    My USAA auto insurance rates have gone up 24% since last year??

    I have USAA as well, and have noticed that their rates are creeping up. A quick internet search yields community forums on USAA full of similar complaints. Their own website FAQ admits as much. I am not ready to shop around yet, but my sister and brother in law just left USAA after almost 20...
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    The Terms of Use for the gift cards (from the Ticketmaster web site) say "The Gift Card can be used towards the purchase of most of the tickets, and many of the associated services, sold through Ticketmaster and Live Nation", but other than shows outside the US, there is no mention of what else...
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    Online booking at aa.com not possible, still charged $25 for telephone service

    Two weeks ago I had a similar situation: I am flying RT to see my father in FL, and my young sons will fly one way home with me, since they will already be in FL with their father (my ex). I booked my trip on Frontier's web site, but could not book my sons flights on-line because they are seen...