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    Wedding Venue cancellation in Italy

    Even worse--That law is for situations where the vendor normally would have to refund (eg the flight was cancelled or the hotel was closed). In this case, the deposit was non-refundable and the venue is willing to host the wedding at the agreed upon time. Not only are they not required to...
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    iPhone repair under repair program refused by Apple until paid for other repairs

    There are moisture sensors inside the iphone case which is how they know the internals were exposed. While the iPhone is tested to IP67, seals can degrade over time. Apple explicitly says to not get the phone wet and explicitly excludes moisture damage from the warranty, so there is no false...
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    Can I get money back for a hotel room I booked before covid happened?

    As long as you cancel fewer than 15% of your hotel nights, it probably is worth it. But you don't get to complain about cancellation losses if you knowingly take that risk...
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    2011 GMC 2500 fuel pump

    There are a lot of reported issue with these fuel pumps and there are several class action lawsuits working their way through the system: The...
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    Verify Gift card payment

    Yes, but his question is how to use a prepaid debit card to purchase items on That's a consumer transaction. He disclosed his occupation when we asked how he got the funds. Every purchase from Amazon involves funds that were earned in some way. That doesn't make them...
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    Verify Gift card payment

    I don't think this is a business-to-business transaction. I believe this thread may have misunderstood what the OP is saying and asking. Here's my understanding: Kilamoq lives in Tanzania but works remotely for a Canadian business that sells on Amazon. His employer pays him using a prepaid...
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    Verify Gift card payment

    Based on the link from the OP, s/he is using a Visa gift card issued by a large Canadian credit union--not an Amazon gift card.
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    ‘ RailTours Ireland’ won’t refund our family tour

    Their ability to issue a refund isn't relevant to the credit card dispute. For example, if they shut down completely and didn't deliver what was purchased, the credit card company would still have to refund.
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    CheapO Air

    I think this approach is complicating your story. You booked AirCanada flights and are subject to AirCanada rules. The others booked United flights and are subject to United rules. CheapoAir didn't make a mistake here, so you're not going to be successful comparing your flights to theirs. I...
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    ‘ RailTours Ireland’ won’t refund our family tour

    Has Citibank actually ruled on your credit card dispute? The attachment you provided has Citi's letter to Railtours and Railtour's response. Even if Railtours doesn't agree, Citi can still rule in your favor. My reaction is that you should simplify the story. COVID, your health issues and...
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    IKEA terrible customer service

    It's only a day late. It may just not have made the Friday truck. I'd suggest seeing if it comes tomorrow or Tuesday before spending more time escalating.
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    Banned from Venmo; no help from CS team

    Here's the issue: Venmo's business model is to have an extremely large number of users, each of whom generates a very small amount of revenue. The only way this model works is if each user's costs are extremely low. Any kind of legal action due to fraud or criminal activity is very expensive...
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    VRBO - Owner Cancelled and is keeping deposit

    I think you're over-relying on who "hit the cancel button." If the owner pushed the button because you directed them to in your email, then you are still the one who cancelled. You haven't posted enough information for us to see if your emails directed the owner to cancel. But, in the end, it...
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    Impossible to Comply With

    The policies that are tripping up the OP are from AerLingus. They are not issuing vouchers for December flights. I don't think you can blame this on Expedia,
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    VRBO - Owner Cancelled and is keeping deposit

    I think it will depend on exactly you said to the owner when you reached out to them? In your post, you say both that you wanted to "see what our options were" and that you mentioned you "would have to cancel."