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  1. Pixie Pie


    You always go the extra mile in your advocacy, @Barry Graham! You are very appreciated by so many people :)
  2. Pixie Pie

    Frontier - Is it worth writing?

    UPDATE: ***SUCCESS*** I heard back today from the Account Specialist (Brenda) who was in charge of my case. She wrote that while the promotion was long-expired and unable to be reinstated in its regular form (Visa GC and 1-year Prime membership), she was going to take the value of the...
  3. Pixie Pie

    Frontier - Is it worth writing?

    Good morning! I have an update: Yesterday, I wrote to the first contact on the list (John Maduri) and I received a personal response from him this morning. He acknowledged receiving my email and asked for some time to allow his team to research the matter. He also cc'd the Senior Manager of...
  4. Pixie Pie

    Frontier - Is it worth writing?

    Thank you, Neil! I see that they are located in my home state of Connecticut, so maybe some Nutmeg solidarity will help (just kidding). I will remember the three P's when writing. I realize that I am not really asking for a favor or an exception, just for them to honor what they promoted...
  5. Pixie Pie

    Frontier - Is it worth writing?

    Where I live, we are VERY limited with our phone/cable/TV providers. Cox is the juggernaut with Frontier running a close second. I was a Cox customer for several years until the bill for basic cable was out of control. I switched to Frontier (July 2019) and my bill was cut in half. I added Roku...
  6. Pixie Pie


    Is the refund part in writing or was that during the phone call? I hope it's in writing. If not, I'm afraid that @weihlac is right: just a stall technique to get you to go away until it's too late for a cc chargeback. Hoping that it's in writing!!!! :)
  7. Pixie Pie

    Airbnb Deposit Refund

    Did she write this via the Airbnb platform? If so, I would pursue this avenue instead of the extenuating circumstances/Covid-19 one. As others have said, you are not due a refund because you cancelled before their policy went into effect. But, if you have in writing that the owner would grant...
  8. Pixie Pie

    Singapore Airlines

    I have read through this several times. And while I consider myself to be a pretty intelligent person, I still can't figure out what happened and what you are looking for in terms of compensation. If this is the exact email you sent to the executives, that may very well explain why you haven't...
  9. Pixie Pie

    Merchandise ordered and paid for but never received.

    Did you call USPS and give them the tracking number? Waiting for a company in another country to investigate has proven to be fruitless thusfar. And the longer you wait, the less time you MAY have to do a cc dispute (if necessary). I would try calling USPS, giving them the tracking # and see...
  10. Pixie Pie

    Where should we begin?

    @justlisa Thank you! That answers it perfectly!!! You are a wealth of knowledge!! :)
  11. Pixie Pie

    Where should we begin?

  12. Pixie Pie

    No Refund

    Is there no chance that your grandkids will come visit you before 2022??
  13. Pixie Pie


    Are you saying that the property owner never received any money for your reservation? And that Turnkey has all your money?? Oh my.... that's ridiculous!! So, Turnkey cancelled the reservation, kept ALL the money, and both the OP and the property owner got nothing. Please follow Neil's advice...
  14. Pixie Pie


    Agree to disagree! ;) I think it's definitely relevant and the OP clearly has other options than to just roll over. I hope they give it a try and let us know how they make out! :)
  15. Pixie Pie


    GREAT detective work!!!!!