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  1. PhotoTraveler

    Keeping the Deposit

    This exactly. Businesses that don't place the client first are building a poor reputation for themselves, and they gain nothing by keeping deposits. We have a photo travel business, and whenever a client has cancelled late because of illness or whatever, we return as much of their entire fee as...
  2. PhotoTraveler


    You also have the option by voting with your feet by cutting the cord. You can use any of the streaming services for shows - Netflix is the Rolls Royce of this group - and use an antenna to pull in local channels in HD . . . which are much sharper than the processed images that degrade...
  3. PhotoTraveler

    Credit One will not correct their mistake in hurting my credit after a mistake they made.

    I'm coming to the table in this debate rather late, and to just say that reviews of Credit One should be observed before doing business with them. For instance, on nerdwallet a review states: "Many reviewers say they tried to pay their bill online, but the Credit One website was not working. Or...
  4. PhotoTraveler

    Basic Economy-Can you ever change the ticket?

    We've been running photo tours for 31 years, and without our customers we don't exist. This is why whenever a few clients have had to cancel within the '100% non-refundable' time period as the trip approaches, we refund as much as possible every time. As stated, without our customers we can't...
  5. PhotoTraveler

    Car Rental damage issue

    "the damage estimate by the rental company is priced just over $1000 for a door dent," Which we all know will be claimed for, but not actually repaired. It will be circled as a known damage spot on every subsequent renter's contract. Claim, and repeat = Scam!
  6. PhotoTraveler

    Waiting for refund from Gibraltar Tours

    Oh dear, my apologies. The story has been listed in Chris's emails these past couple of days, and consequently I thought it was a fresh story. Sorry.
  7. PhotoTraveler

    Waiting for refund from Gibraltar Tours

    You know, when you use your credit card you get rewards such as cash or points, right? Well, use PayPal and you get NOTHING. In effect PayPal keeps your rewards. Regarding the tour, if the company can't deliver a partial refund is in order. As they even promised one, and didn't deliver - again...
  8. PhotoTraveler

    paying for USA resort stay with Australian credit card(how to avoid bank fees)

    Exactly. This is the solution we adopted long ago, and it's likely that Capital One do business in Australia too. We also have a US Bank credit card which charges a 4% foreign transaction fee, and consequently we never use it overseas. Just think though, if they dropped the fee we could be...
  9. PhotoTraveler

    HOTWIRE Hell

    The advice of @Neil is what matters, plus you did well by creating screen shots of the online transactions. For those that don't know how to create screenshots - on a Windows computer anyway - you press the 'print screen' key [PRTSC] then paste or ctrl/V into your image editing software. You...
  10. PhotoTraveler drained my Delta gift cards

    For future reference and simplification, avoid any website that has the word *'cash' or *'money' in the domain name. Secondly, whoever the retailer is do due diligence by doing an online search of the business name or website. I get way beyond 'miffed' when reading about such scammers! * Oh...
  11. PhotoTraveler

    I loved Hotwire. I wish I know why they dumped me!

    Another company that bites the hand that feeds them, so I suggest taking your 'food donations' elsewhere! In any event, do keep us up to date on this please Nazir.