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  1. Patina

    September prepaid trip to Italy on Trafalgar tours

    What are the terms of your contract? Did it allow for cancellation with refund if you cancelled on March 15th? If not, then you should do as @justlisa suggested and contact your insurance company and file a claim.
  2. Patina

    VRBO - Different Scenario

    By continuing to work with VRBO. Use the company contacts at the top of the page to write to the execs, one at a time. With the written promise of a future credit, they may be able to strong arm the owner into honoring it. They can do that by threatening to pull her rental and rescind her...
  3. Patina

    VRBO - Different Scenario

    Bad news: you will not get a refund. Period. You were not eligible under the circumstances. BUT, you should proceed with VRBO is retaining the credit for a future stay as long as you have that in writing from the owner.
  4. Patina

    Should I continue to fly?

    It is really easy to enter into a state without flying, using one major highway, etc. so tracking is much more challenging for mainland states. Since Hawaii can only be accessed via flights or boats, it is much easier to track who enters their state and track accordingly. A person lands at the...
  5. Patina

    Should I continue to fly?

    I second @Neil Maley comment...only you can decide what is best for you. Risk vs reward is based on your own values as well as how well are you able to prepare for the trip to keep exposure at a minimum. Once in Florida, are you planning on spending time in public places or staying put in a...
  6. Patina

    Priceline Issue

    Ah, yes, thank you. Need to up my reading comprehension this week!
  7. Patina

    Priceline Issue

    Did you cancel the outbound flight on United or did United cancel the flight? If United cancelled the flight then you may be due a refund but you need to work directly with Priceline. Since your return flight was on a separate ticket, you can either cancel that flight and receive a credit for...
  8. Patina

    Refund from Travel Organizer

    Has the organizer responded to you about their role in requesting refunds on your behalf?
  9. Patina

    Insurance for future travel

    CFAR is the only insurance that would reimburse you if Covid shutdowns happen again. Use a site like to compare companies and policies. Glad you had such great experience with your recent booking refunds, thanks for the good news!
  10. Patina

    OTA Booking Airline Cancelled Half of Flight - Next Steps?

    PNR = passenger name record. It basically means your flights are all linked so that if one is delayed or cancelled, the airline knows this. For instance, if you had a flight connecting through a city and your first flight is delayed, the airline will re-book you if you miss your connection...
  11. Patina

    OTA Booking Airline Cancelled Half of Flight - Next Steps?

    Were your tickets round trip/on one PNR? It sounds like you purchased two sets of tickets: one to get to Italy and one to get home. If that is the case, you will need to wait to see if the airline cancels the return flight otherwise you are out of luck. If you bought round trip tickets then...
  12. Patina

    AIRBNB Refund

    Unfortunately, you have done all that can be done to pursue a refund. Since you cancelled prior to the extenuating circumstances policy went into effect, the original terms of your rental are the applicable terms. I am sorry I do not have better news for you.
  13. Patina

    Singapore Airlines

    @Michelle Couch-Friedman can you respond, please.
  14. Patina

    American Airlines Travel Restrictions

    I have to agree with the OP, the credit shouldn't have any cabin restrictions. If she wanted to purchase a first class ticket, would they not allow that either?!?
  15. Patina

    Low income apt

    This is from the City of Chicago website regarding security deposits. I placed in bold the portion that is pertinent to the time frame a security deposit must be returned. There are tenant advocacy groups that you can ask for help in receiving your security deposit back without having to pay...