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  1. Neil Maley

    Target keeps on cancelling my order

    You aren’t trying to buy another gift card with it are you?
  2. Neil Maley

    Target keeps on cancelling my order

    Are you sure the gift card is valid? Have you checked the balance?
  3. Neil Maley

    Using a credit on El Al Airlines from a cancelled flight

    The government is supposedly infusing them with cash, but who knows what that will include. I hope they can straighten this out so all these people with credits can use them. But this is why the OP can’t book anything.
  4. Neil Maley


    If it was a refundable ticket, I would file a complaint with the DOT if Travelocity isn’t helping you. If every flight touched US soil, you are due a refund if it was a refundable ticket.
  5. Neil Maley

    Princess Cruise Lines Future Cruise Credit Refund

    The cruise lines do not have unlimited amounts of cash sitting to refund. They require cash from new bookings to process refunds. There had never been anything ever in the travel world like this and they are doing the best they can. You’ll simply need to wait- there are people with thousands...
  6. Neil Maley

    PayPal account inaccessible due to new rules. They refuse to help. I can't even close my account.

    I don’t disagree with you, I am simply stating what our experience had been once litigation is threatened. Has your contact resulted in restoration of your account? Please keep us up to date on the outcome.
  7. Neil Maley

    United Airlines changes its mind again. A 2-hour significant schedule change means passengers will be refunded their airfare and any paid fees.

    You should call United and ask. We know nothing about your flights- when, where, did you cancel them, did United cancel, were they refundable or non refundable? Your best bet is to call United.
  8. Neil Maley


    Was your ticket actually a refundable ticket? Those are often much higher priced than a nonrefundable ticket. What does the cancellation policy on the email confirmation state? Were the flights canceled by the airline prior to your June 1 cancellation?
  9. Neil Maley

    Where to begin?

    You have to go through AAA, since that’s who you booked through and it’s up to them to deal with Pleasant. I will tell I am very sure if Pleasant had received the refund, they would have refunded it back to AAA. Pleasant has been one of the most upstanding travel suppliers as far as getting...
  10. Neil Maley

    A plea for help- copy of email explains it all

    Not this one- we had one a couple of weeks ago.
  11. Neil Maley

    BA Problem

    Haven’t you been dealing with a lot of cancellations? None of the suppliers are able to simply refund everyone. Cruise lines are up to 90 days. You’ll just have to wait it out. We wouldn’t have refunded anyone until we received the credit.But we also don’t accept cash from clients either -...
  12. Neil Maley

    A plea for help- copy of email explains it all

    And it will cause a delay. We did have a case here if someone this happened to. The consumer asked if they should drop the dispute.
  13. Neil Maley

    Airbnb refuse refund of cancellation due to COVID

    I would dispute the cleaning fee with your credit card company.
  14. Neil Maley

    September prepaid trip to Italy on Trafalgar tours

    Trafalgar and many others are refunding by date order. Since it’s only July, your travel date hasn’t even come yet so the refund may not be there for awhile. Was there any cancellation fees for canceling?
  15. Neil Maley

    BA Problem

    jsn is correct. If you are a travel agent, this is a business to business transaction which we don’t advocate. But as an agent, you should also know many suppliers are taking 90 days or more for refunds.