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  1. L

    Barred from NCL for life

    NO way for him to know WHO opened the bag --- he does not see it from the time it is collected till it is delivered to his stateroom
  2. L

    Holland America Platinum Insurance Trip Insurance

    But that is for a CABIN cancellation --- when only one person cancels, the second person must pay double for the cabin --- so nothing back but the port charges for the second person
  3. L

    Viking River Cruise - "Romantic Danube" false advertising refund in dollars vs. cruise credit

    not apples to apples --- if the flight was cancelled in CHICAGO, but the cruise SAILED from Miami - you would have lost out completely, and gotten no monies back unless you had proper insurance.
  4. L

    Viking River Cruise - "Romantic Danube" false advertising refund in dollars vs. cruise credit

    I am a travel agent, and believe me --- we are WELL aware of the issue. And AMA has had issues as well - no cruise line is exempt from the conditions. I always make it CLEAR to my clients what can be expected.
  5. L

    Viking River Cruise - "Romantic Danube" false advertising refund in dollars vs. cruise credit

    That is VERY true -- the sheer number of their ships eclipses the next 3 larges companies combined - so of course, they will seem to face more issues than others
  6. L

    Viking River Cruise - "Romantic Danube" false advertising refund in dollars vs. cruise credit

    The river you are on and the week you go has a lot to do with it as well. ALL the river boats suffer at some time from the issue -- but most travellers never are warned about the potential issue - and THAT is a huge difference.
  7. L

    When to contact Cruise Line Customer Service

    Check out Port Promotions or Shore Trips - they may be able to help
  8. L

    NCL Cruise- Need To Board in Juneau, (Not Seattle) for 60th Anniversary Cruise

    If the cruise does NOT stop in Canada, you CANNOT just board in the next American city. But you may catch up in the next Canadian city - providing you have a valid passport
  9. L

    Guaranteed with booking sites?

    NOT true - OTAs get lowest fares for least attractive inventory.
  10. L

    Charged for a free night and still awaiting money back and compensation

    Not usually, as they are a separate fee.
  11. L as Usual: Changes in Flight Schedules with No Confirmation of New Itinerary from JustFly

    Airlines make changes to flight schedules all the time. Whether or not you LIKED the old schedule makes no difference - they are no longer flying it. Was the return (changed) a legal connection or misconnect per the airline?
  12. L

    Air India Flight Delayed by 15 hours and received damage Baggage

    But they asked for a repair quote, which you refuse to send. Then there is nothing they can do for you.
  13. L

    miserable American Airlines treatment

    The Admiral's Club is a perk for those who purchase membership, have a first class ticket, or the handful of purchased day passes. It is not an "entitlement" due to a flight delay.
  14. L

    Lufthansa's Economy Light Fare Zero Changes Policy

    Under the terms and conditions when you click on the one you want, it compares the differences, CLEARLY stating no refunds and no way to change. NO mileage, and 1 bag allowed. You failed to pay attention, but it was clearly shown.
  15. L

    Name truncated on Delta ticket

    Yep - overthinking it. There are only a limited number of characters, so when they truncate the name it is not an issue. :)