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  1. J

    Ticket venue not issuing a refund due to virus

    I'll second. I won't buy from resellers. Though I've found if you're part of the Facebook event for it there's always people selling their tickets last minute because something came up. I've seen people offering tickets for free to some concerts just so someone will use the tickets.
  2. J

    Celebrity Cruise

    Because you said to ask them for a credit. Why would they give someone a credit for money that was a cancellation fee that wasn't their's and was known at the time of booking?
  3. J

    ‘ RailTours Ireland’ won’t refund our family tour

    Within 48 hours of what? I've never heard of a certain policy as long as you let them know within 48 hours of you knowing you have to cancel. It's usually within 48 hours of booking, which was long past by March.
  4. J

    Issue with final amount owed

    Actually it sounds like the other driver went through their insurance because the other side wasn't taking responsibility (or was taking too long). So the driver paid the deductible, their insurance fixed their car, and then went after Budget for what they paid out. Budget was refusing to take...
  5. J

    United to Italy

    I'm more surprised that Delta is allowing you to switch it to a refund at any time then I am that United isn't. I know cruise lines aren't letting you switch back to a refund after selecting credit. I recently got a refund from Ticketmaster and the email definitely mentioned that either...
  6. J

    Question on Concert Tickets and COVID

    Yes you're stuck. I don't believe their insurance covers CFAR. I had a concert that was officially canceled around a month ago. Ticketmaster sent me an email with an option for a refund or I think it was a 125% credit. I took the refund and it took a few weeks to show up. This was for an event...
  7. J

    Celebrity Cruise

    It's not VTG keeping it, it's the cruise line. Royal Caribbean rolled out non refundable deposits on RCL and Celebrity (not sure on other lines). If Celebrity is like Royal it's $250 deposit per person and if you cancel or need to change either ship or date they keep $100 as a cancellation...
  8. J

    Celebrity Cruise

    Unfortunately they haven't addressed cruises with those dates yet, so current cancellation policy stands and you elected to put down a non refundable deposit. And non refundable means no refund not "non refundable" (with the implication of the "" meaning it'll be made refundable). To be totally...
  9. J

    Deposit refund denied for July 2020 cruise

    It's a big group cruise with friends. Considering it is the same group I was on the last cruise with when they shut down I'm not sure whether this group is likely to move or not since it all worked out! Have a few months still to decide. Though I have a ton of vacation time I have to take doing...
  10. J

    Cancelling a flight to Italy

    The ban is no guarantee that the flights will be canceled and airlines don't have to refund you if the flight goes as planned but you're not on it because you cannot get into the country. (The DOT has suggested airlines refund in this case, but as there DOT isn't even enforcing the refunds they...
  11. J

    Deposit refund denied for July 2020 cruise

    Unless I've missed something, I believe (at least the mainstream) cruise lines are back to normal final payment dates. Which is 90-120 depending on line and specific cruise. So people are having to make decisions months in advance and some have non-refundable deposits. I have a February cruise...
  12. J

    Uber=Unreliable Transportation and The Worst Customer Service

    So your problem was cause by two...misunderstandings isn't exactly the right word, but lets go with that. 1) Uber's reservation system is not a guarantee. In fact it's not even a reservation system, it's a scheduling system. All it does is automatically put you in the queue for a ride that is...
  13. J

    Deposit refund denied for July 2020 cruise

    As noted above - you moved too soon given you had a non refundable deposit. At the beginning of March the cruise lines were only just dealing with cruises in March and some of April (it wasn't until mid March, March 13, that cruises were canceled) and as far as I'm recalling they weren't doing...
  14. J

    Delta The Netherlands August Flight

    Interesting that they've said something on it now. Though considering they're not exactly enforcing their mandates...
  15. J

    Delta The Netherlands August Flight

    The ban doesn't necessarily mean that the flight will be canceled. And as far as I'm aware, no airline has addressed what happens if you're banned from entry but the flight still goes out. I believe they will treat it similarly to if you didn't have a passport or don't have a visa - meaning...