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  1. J

    Alleged hail damage - Enterprise

    Since there was a hail storm during your trip, your best bet is to contact your insurance company as advised.
  2. J

    Refund from United

    To answer your other question, I believe the voucher should be “transferable” but can’t be sold or bartered with strangers. So you could use it for yourself or another family member but can’t sell it on Craigslist.
  3. J

    Please help!

    Are you sure it’s not a problem with your device? I had the “modem” (as it was described to me) fail in my phone the last time my service got that bad.
  4. J

    Delta The Netherlands August Flight

    I’d suggest keeping an eye out for schedule changes. If the flights aren’t cancelled but the time or route changes substantially you should still be eligible for a refund. Whatever you do, don’t cancel yet.
  5. J

    Unwanted Uber Eats/Starbucks deliveries

    Did a former significant other ever order food to your house from their account? My cousin recently tried to order dinner and the food was sent to his ex-girlfriends house because he never updated the delivery info in his Uber Eats account. I can see him being dumb enough to do this more than...
  6. J

    Hyundai engine problems

    In 2017 the recall was extended to include the 2013-2014 Sonata engines, so your replacement may also have been faulty (Car and Driver has an article from 4/7/17 with good info, “Hyundai and Kia Recall 1.2 Million Cars for Engine Failures”). I would try to get more information from the...
  7. J

    Hyundai engine problems

    Supposedly the recall for the original recalled engine was extended to 10 years/120k miles for original and subsequent owners to cover the failures but the OP would have to check the specific VIN (and still hope Hyundai is feeling generous)
  8. J

    Hyundai engine problems

    I would definitely reach out to the Jacksonville dealership. Some 2014 engines also had a recall so you may have some recourse there...
  9. J

    Hyundai engine problems

    Was the first replacement covered under the recall for those vehicles? Was it done at a dealer? Was the replacement a new or rebuilt engine? Was the car taken to the same dealer for the current failure?
  10. J

    Ryanair knowingly close their eyes to the Covid19

    Since it appears that this person had some luck reaching out to RyanAir through Facebook messenger, why don’t you give that a shot? It can’t hurt.
  11. J

    2011 Volkswagen Tiguan Water pump / Coolant Defect

    I suspect you may have narrowed down why the previous owner sold the vehicle. It looks like there was also a class action related to timing chain failures for some Tiguans as well. was your VIN included in that recall? Your cheapest option may turn out to be trading in the Tiguan for something...
  12. J

    PayPal account inaccessible due to new rules. They refuse to help. I can't even close my account.

    Im not sure what sort of “legal notice” was sent but they may refuse to communicate with you directly because of it. If you threatened to get a lawyer involved, their legal team will await contact from your lawyer.
  13. J

    Dealer didn’t refill motor oil

    I’m not so much attempting to diagnose as trying to find something concrete you can attribute to the dealer. Rightly or wrongly, they will not accept any responsibility for low oil observed several hundred or thousand miles after an oil change, without a misthreaded drain plug or missing gasket...
  14. J

    Dealer didn’t refill motor oil

    You never replied if yours has the turbo engine? If it is, 3,000 miles is enough that it could have consumed (not burned) that much oil and it’s possible that the turbo or engine were damaged enough to be low on power, but would require thousands in labor costs to break down and fully diagnose...
  15. J

    Dealer didn’t refill motor oil

    This is unfortunately a bit of a myth. If you have just an oil pressure warning system, it’s possible to be significantly low on oil and yet still have enough pressure in the system that it won’t trigger the light. (Oil level gauge is a different story, but it’s not likely he has one).