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    Quarantining in Florida

    I think over the years so many of us have booked cheap non-refundable fares and had nothing go awry that we've grown to take them for granted and think of them as just another purchase. We've forgotten about the terms of the contract we are making and that we are accepting a risk (no refund...
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    Quarantining in Florida

    While it's true that for years the airlines have been making money hand-over-first from all of us, I think it's wrong to blame this situation on United. United is as much a victim of this "act of God" as anyone else. An analogy would be: Back in the days of cable only, you buy a television...
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    Issue with final amount owed

    Aaaaah... "damages" as in the civil litigation term...that makes more sense.
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    Issue with final amount owed

    I think I understand chetannc's confusion. I think the documentation is very unclear as to what the cost of the repairs is. If the "damages" to the car, that is, the amount it cost to repair the car, were $2860.65, why is she paying $3860.65? It seems to me chetannc should owe either the...
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    Road Scholar

    Forgive me if I missed it, but Msnbell doesn't indicate the destination. It's entirely possible that a tour that is based abroad will continue with foreign travellers. For example, a European tour might continue because it has sufficient subscription from European travellers. We recently had...
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    Wait for flight cancellation...but how long?

    Thanks for your contributions, everyone. These are confusing times as it is, with so many scams out there and most business conducted remotely. Add to that a pandemic. The forum provides an invaluable service to travelers caught in the middle of it. As for my situation, we'll just have to see...
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    Wait for flight cancellation...but how long?

    Thanks, Neil. At this point, it looks like none of those apply. The "small alteration" to the return flight complies with bullet #3. So I am playing a waiting game. I have the sneaking suspicion, because the flight originates and returns to Washington, that it may be less likely to be...
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    Wait for flight cancellation...but how long?

    Hi Everyone, I've been watching the forums and agree with the advice that there's no benefit to cancelling a non-refundable reservation in advance. Best to wait and see if the airline will cancel first and then entitle you to a refund. The question is how long should you wait? My family has...
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    Upcoming international travel for relative who recently passed away

    In some states, one obtains the death certificates from the funeral home. Perhaps they could fax/email a copy. Last fall, I had to rearrange some travel to Canada as a result of my sister's death: a planned family visit was pushed forward a couple of weeks. The airline was willing to make...
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    Outrageous Damage Claim

    Is it possible that this is a fake damage claim, a scam? It all sounds fishy to me. I'm always amazed at how legitimate some of these fraudulent requests for money can be. I recently received an email notice from Amazon claiming that my Prime membership payment hadn't gone through because...
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    How Is Everyone?

    I am a stay-at-home mom in Williamsburg, VA. Our county seems to be a "hotbed" for covid-19 in Virginia. No surprise there, as Williamsburg is a retirement community with lots of affluent, busy seniors who are always travelling. School has been out since Monday. The school system says we are...
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    Netflix Incompetence

    P.S. These wifi range extenders are not expensive. The unit we purchased at Amazon cost about $30. It improves the signal throughout the house.
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    Netflix Incompetence

    I agree with Jessamyn. It may well be a signal problem, whether internet speed or wifi signal strength. A while back we had numerous problems with streaming, especially upstairs in our bonus room which is the greatest distance from the source. We checked the wifi signal strength and...
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    Additional Driver Loophole

    Great information, everyone. Since we're talking about additional drivers, I thought I would mention: 1) some states allow a spouse to be added as the additional driver for free and 2) memberships in AAA and AARP may allow you a free additional driver (spouse or other) with some companies...
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    OP has also not mentioned dates of travel, which may be relevant. Venice is now under lockdown until April 3. (