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    VRBO - Owner Cancelled and is keeping deposit

    I've seen this proposed recently in several threads. Suing is not a panacea -- you might win, but the real battle after that is collecting.In the course of my life, I've had to resort to small claims court a few times, won each time, and never been able to collect. If you do decide to go this...
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    Travel to Scotland

    My gebneral feeling is you shoud postpoe the trip, if you can... The UK has not done as well fighting COVID as the European Union., besides, better to go when things are more open anyway. As someone who lived in Fife for a couple years a while back, I do find it interesting to see what peole...
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    Travel to Scotland

    You should look at the terms and conditions of your various purchases.
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    Deposit refund denied for July 2020 cruise

    I have a generic question -- one thing I recall is that one often has to pay more for these things as a trip gets closer. Last tour I did required 50% 90 days in advance, and full payment 30 days in advance. (It was for an African safari.). Given that -- would you pony up more money even if...
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    Alaska Airlines Itinerary/ Refund Help

    Excellent news! Congratulations.
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    Norwegian: Could not change flight in time and had to book a replacement ticket. They won't refund the original flight

    Do you have evidence of your attwmpting to call them? You may want to take a screen capture of your cell phone with the time and date of the call attempt. Do not send it as an attachment with your inquiries to Norwegian, but indicate you hav e it and are willing to share the screen capture to...
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    One thing to remember about PayPal -- they are not a bank, nor are they a credit card.
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    Alaska Airlines Itinerary/ Refund Help

    Same for me for a domestic itinerary. It was hassle free for me to get sa refund.
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    Amazon please STOP sending me unordered merchandise

    Some questions: Do the deliveries have your name on them? Are the products from Amazon, or are they just fulfilled by Amazon? Are the products of notable value? Leaving a package on your front porch may not be wise; it may make it look like you are on vacation, and a thief could target your...
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    United Parcel Service (UPS) Complaint Process is Non-Existant and Perhaps Worse

    Strictly speaking, political solutions are beyond the scope of this forum. Straying a bit, a lot of consumer problems stem from monopolistic or cartel practices. When there is no competition, the consumer's choice is to accept the product/service from the monopolist, or do without. That...
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    PayPal Refusal to Reverse ACH Debit Transfer for Service Not Provided

    Several people have noted that it is not PayPal's responsibility that the original poster did not have internet access. I think that misses the point -- the original poster attempted to access the PayPal web site with his smart phone. Striclty soeaking, the original poster did have internet...
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    Unwanted Uber Eats/Starbucks deliveries

    I would also check your credit cards for any unauthorized charges for these deliveries. I've seen credit card fraud on my account with Grubhub -- the food delivery services are a good way for a criminal to determine if the card is still active. And always keep an eye on your accounts for...
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    Advice needed - codeshare legs cancelled, AA throwing up their hands

    That would be my advice -- celebrate your 66th *or 67th) with friends in Bangkok, celebrate your 65th lo ally with local friends. I am one who has had to similarly postpone a birthday celebration (my 60th, in December.). I've tentatively moved it to next year for the 61st. In y case, I've...
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    British Airways voucher validity period

    If the COVID crisis extends into late 2021, you might ask then -- but if the crisis goes on that long, even airlines that seem well funded now could be in trouble, and any extension could be moot. When it comes to sorting out liabilities for a bankrupt airline, a voucher is likely to be a low...
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    Iberia Airlines

    Ah, I misread -- it was right after reading the thread where Lufthansa cancelled a flight and was only offering vouchers,.