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    TSA & JetBlue mistakes.

    I often travel solo, and I refuse to let my bag enter the x-ray machine until it is my turn for the body scanner or metal detector. If they try to prod me to send it through early, I explain that "my whole life is in that bag" (my phone, my money, my credit/debit cards, my passport) and I am...
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    VRBO scam?

    This all sounds VERY suspicious. I know that when I first signed up with Airbnb years ago, I provided my identification (I think it was a pic of my passport?) directly to Airbnb -- that made sense to me, as this would give property owners confidence that the person who was renting their home...
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    Lost IPad Air on 4/14 Delta flight from Charlotte to Atlanta.

    A childhood saying comes to mind: "Finders keepers, losers weepers!" I hope your item is recovered and returned, but most likely the item found a new home.
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    Discrimination on Military discount at Lowe's Home Improvement stores

    I'm not sure what type of lawsuit you think you'd be able to file, and I'm pretty sure the tens of thousands of dollars it would cost you out-of-pocket to do so would be worth a discount on 20 bags of mulch. I'm glad that the District Manager is being helpful. Hopefully he will get you the...
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    Discrimination on Military discount at Lowe's Home Improvement stores

    You say that the District Manager was helpful. Did he confirm that the last names don't have to match? What did he say? You didn't finish your story at this point....
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    If you have cruised so much before, how is it that you weren't aware of what is available and the need to contact the Special Needs department to ensure that you have the necessary assistive devices available to you? This part has me totally confused. I'm going to disagree with you here --...
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    Harassing a Service Dog team in airport

    I see this as two separate issues. 1 -- Should there be some sort of regulatory inquiry / company apology acknowledging the fact that the baggage check people didn't know the rules about medical equipment. and 2 -- Should the airline provide financial compensation. My personal opinion on...
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    NORWEGIAN SKY: Cruise from HELL

    I had a hard time believing a single word of this when I saw that dinner took three hours but they were at trivia at 7:30. I sincerely doubt that they had a 4pm dinner reservation. Credibility is important....
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    Enterprise - Anti theft spikes damaged underbody as we were pulling in to return car - Now they want us to pay?!

    I get the impression (even though you didn't say it) that you think this damage was existing at the time you were given the car -- that there was writing on the window showing the previous damage, and it was erased when they gave you the car. You need to be explicit about that when you're...
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    No Fault Accidental Case

    This really depends a lot on the state you're in, too. In Michigan, it doesn't matter who is at fault -- everyone's insurance covers their own car's damage. It will also depend on the rules of the rental car contract -- was your friend allowed to let you drive?
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    Toll Roads & Personal Transponders

    Plus, it sounds like it's not JUST the plate that gets the toll added to your account -- it's the transponder PLUS the plate number. If you have your transponder with you back home, it doesn't matter what the rental car's plate is doing all by itself.
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    Toll Roads & Personal Transponders

    It would be nice if EVERY system worked together (hello, it's 2019, people!)... but it still leaves those of us who don't have toll roads at all with no options besides pay for something we will only use once a year, or pay double the tolls plus extra time and fuel and reduced safety.
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    Toll Roads & Personal Transponders

    Gotcha! Yes, toll situations are almost impossible to suss out in advance... and for people who rarely encounter them because they don't exist in their state, an extra level of confusion is added in!
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    Toll Roads & Personal Transponders

    IMO, there's a huge difference between a toll booth for a bridge and tolls along a highway. The bridges in Michigan that charge tolls have manned booths to pay cash. It's not confusing at all. Other than bridges, Michigan doesn't have toll roads, including on I-94 (which is four hours away...
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    'Norwegian Spirit' cabin experience.

    You might want to try out your phone app at home, to make sure it gives you the same experience you get from your sound machine!