Please nominate your favorite travel blogging personality

Who’s your favorite travel blogger?

After voting on the top 12 Twitter personalities of 2012, let’s turn our attention to the people whose long-form writing, photography and videos captivate us.

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You know who they are. Here’s your chance to tell the world.

The rules are pretty simple: To qualify, you have to be a travel blogger, and you have to be a real person, not a garden ornament or someone with a nom de plume. Writing teams of two are OK, but any more is considered a group-written blog. You can nominate yourself if you want.

(Since I am not a travel blogger, I don’t qualify for this list.)

I’ll collect candidates next week and select the top 24 based on the number of nominations. Then I’ll put it to a vote. The top 12 will make my list of the 12 bloggers to follow in 2012.

You can follow the progress of the poll right here or on Twitter — I’m at @elliottdotorg. Feel free to nominate someone in the comments or by emailing me directly.

So who are the top bloggers?

I’m often referred to this list. The top five that qualify are:

1. Nomadic Matt
2. Everything Everywhere
3. Almost Fearless
4. Uncornered Market
5. Delicious Baby

Here’s another list that uses a different methodology. Again, I’ve weeded out the group-written blogs and those that don’t qualify for the voting:

1. Peter Greenberg
2. Nomadic Matt
3. Europe Up Close
4. Everything Everywhere
5. Wild Junket

Here’s another list that’s frequently cited. Again, I’ve listed the top five that qualify.

1. Nomadic Matt
2. Everything Everywhere
3. Fluent in 3 Months
4. Everything Everywhere
5. Canada’s Adventure Couple

OK, that’s a lot to review! I’ll post the finalists next Friday and put it up to a vote. The top 12 bloggers to follow in 2012 list will be published on Dec. 16.

Good luck, everyone.

(Photo: sok ole oko/Flickr)

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