#Nophone day five: “There, there. We still love you.”

Just a day after we’d fallen off the wagon, Skype gave us a big hug.

“There, there,” they said (I’m paraphrasing). “We still love you.”

Aw, shucks.

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And you know what? I feel a little better about this whole #Nophone project. After all, I managed to stay off the phone all day today.

It was a lot easier. We drove from Louisville to Chicago this morning. The roads are not the greatest — they’re not well-maintained and trucks seem to outnumber cars. You can’t take a call, let alone make one.

Then, when we arrived in Chicago, no time for phoning. We headed straight for Hot Dougs, the famous hot dog joint, and fed the kids. Then we grabbed a takeout pizza from Pequod’s. Deep dish, of course. (It was our culinary tour of the Windy City. Hungry kids will make you do that.)

We spent the rest of the afternoon in traffic, headed toward our hotel out at O’Hare. Where did all these people come from?

I don’t have any profound thoughts about why people make phone calls today.

I am tired. The hotel we’re staying in, a Candlewood Suites property, is less than a mile from the airport. In fact, I think you can see the runway from here. It feels like it’s about 130 degrees outside. I turned up the air conditioning and am going to watch Michael Phelps win another gold medal.

Tomorrow I’m in all-day meeting in Chicago. I’m visiting with a certain airline that recently went through a merger. They’ve been very nice to me, and I’m sure everything will go just fine. They may even like the story I write.

By the way, if you’re still reading this, and have any questions you want me to ask this certain airline, please email me. (No need to tell me what you think of the #Nophone project — I read the comments.)

Oh, and I think my iPhone will run out of battery before I’m tempted to make a call. Battery life, that’s another pet peeve of mine. Please don’t get me started …

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