After Las Vegas shooting, is my insurance premium refundable?

Dan Breier’s Las Vegas concert is canceled after a mass shooting. Now he wants the $205 in insurance premiums back. But is he asking for too much?


I bought tickets to a Jennifer Lopez concert Oct. 7 in Las Vegas. I paid for VIP tickets and purchased insurance through Allianz at an additional cost of $205.

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The show was canceled because of the shootings and Ticketmaster issued a refund. However, Allianz refuses to refund my insurance premium. Can you help? — Dan Breier, Sleepy Hollow, Ill.


Buying insurance for your VIP concert tickets was a smart move. These tickets cost thousands of dollars, and you want to protect your purchase with a reliable policy.

You bought something called Allianz Global Assistance Event Ticket Protector, which covers you “if car trouble, a traffic accident, jury duty, covered medical issue or other covered reasons keeps you from your event.” Allianz promises you’ll get “100 percent of the ticket price back including fees, taxes, and delivery charges – up to a maximum coverage amount.”

But your case was a little different. JLo canceled her concert and Ticketmaster refunded your VIP tickets. Yet you were still out $205 through no fault of your own.

A review of your policy suggests it doesn’t offer any provisions for a refund. Although policies of this type typically offer a review period of anywhere between 7 and 10 days, that period had long passed. After that, the best you can typically hope for is a credit to be applied to a future concert.

Yet these were extraordinary circumstances. Only six nights before your concert, another concert — the Route 91 Harvest music festival — ended tragically when a gunman opened fire, killing 58 people and injuring 546. Allianz should have given your request for a refund a second review.

I list the names, numbers and email addresses of the Allianz customer service executives on my site. A brief, polite email, asking for a second look at your claim might have led to a successful resolution.

I contacted Allianz on your behalf, and it refunded your $205 premium.

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