She didn’t have TSA PreCheck — this is what happened next

Lara MacLean contacted our advocacy team with an angry tale of her recent ejection from the TSA PreCheck line at the Fort Myers airport. But she doesn’t have TSA PreCheck approval, nor did she get a random invitation to join this specialized line. So why did she get on it in the first place?

What can you bring on the plane? Here’s how to Ask TSA

Wondering what you can bring on the plane for an upcoming trip? I recently discovered a quick and often funny way to Ask TSA what you can — and can’t — bring through security during your next airport adventure.

The banned items that TSA security fails to detect will blow your mind

Did you hear about the guy who tried to spirit a .40 caliber rifle past Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents in Baltimore? He blamed his mother for packing the weapon in his carry-on bag. True story.

After “routine” TSA screening, one passenger says: never again!

Editor’s Note: The following post concerning a recent TSA screening uses anatomical terms to describe reproductive organs and may not be suitable for all audiences.

Kimberly Marcus is an educational consultant from Alfred, N.Y., who describes herself as a law-abiding citizen. Yet she says the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) has treated her worse than a convicted felon, sexually assaulting her and “repeatedly touching my private areas.”

TSA PreCheck members fume as their lines get longer

It happened to Andy Lundberg when he was flying recently from Kansas City to Baltimore on Southwest Airlines. A Transportation Security Administration screener pointed him to the PreCheck line, where he waited behind a dozen other frequent travelers with the agency’s trusted traveler designation.