Would you wear one of these wristbands?

Smile! These wristbands at the Clinique counter at Macy’s promise that an associate will be able to “read your mind” — green for “I have time,” pink for “I’m just looking” and white for “I’m in a hurry.”

Would you wear a wristband if it could lead to better service? I asked the woman at the counter if customers were using the “smile” wristbands.

“Mostly younger people,” she told me. “And they like the white ones.”

I’m intrigued by this idea. What if you could let your cable company, hotel or car dealership know your intentions before you made a purchase?

Even though it was a Black Friday mob scene in suburban Orlando, the woman at the Clinique counter offered my three kids the wristbands. “Take as many as you like,” she said with a smile.

They took one of each and wore them at the same time. Now that’s confusing.

Would you wear one of these wristbands?

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Christopher Elliott

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