A friendly warning on a windy Kauai beach

By | November 11th, 2012

It’s just a suggestion. A lone surfer tries to hang ten near Haena Beach State Park in Kauai. The bright orange flags can be seen everywhere, warning tourists like me that their surfing skills had better be good if they want to catch one of these waves.

I’m adding a new feature today called “Where’s Chris?” (since it’s the most common question I get). It’s my photo of the day feature, except that I also get to write one of my extended snarky captions.

Here’s a little video I shot.

A little bit about my photos: I use an iPhone 4s and I’m a disciple of the #nofilter movement, which is to say, I don’t alter any of the photos in any way. What you see is the picture I took. By the way, if you like my pictures, please follow me on Instagram.

Please be nice in the comments. I’m a consumer advocate, not a photographer.

  • Emanuel Levy

    Chris, you say “Please be nice in the comments. I’m not a consumer advocate, not a photographer” So what are you then :-)

  • I’m someone in dire need of a copy editor. Fortunately, mine jumped in and fixed this.

    I meant to write that I am a consumer advocate, of course!

  • If s/he ever quits, I’m a copy editor too! And I love Kauai…

  • KarlaKatz

    Ditto, here! I, too, am an editor, and have a great vacation home in Kekaha, Kaua’i

  • I’m leaving this morning. It will be difficult — this place is incredibly beautiful.