WOW Airlines lost my luggage. Then it lost my luggage claim.

By | June 18th, 2017

WOW Airlines doesn’t dispute that it lost Michelle Kelly’s luggage, but when she repeatedly tries to recover the cost of her possessions, the airline repeatedly tells her it hasn’t received her claim.

Question: It has now been nine long weeks since WOW Airlines lost my baggage.

They have done nothing but direct me from department to department and put the pressure on me to produce receipts for items in the luggage so that they could consider reimbursement. I have spent literally hours with their team members via phone, email, and their ticket system, and nothing.

I have delivered every single thing that they have requested to support my $600 claim, and now they are MIA. After all of this, the last correspondence was to confirm that I never received my baggage, to which I quickly replied. This was approximately one week ago, and now they have blocked my ability to log in to their ticket status portal. So now it looks like they are just ignoring this issue even though they have confirmed that they did in fact lose my luggage nine weeks ago. I am simply requesting compensation for the luggage they lost as well as my time in attempting to resolve this issue.

I am requesting compensation for the baggage lost by WOW Airlines, as well as compensation for the many hours of time and stress that they have put me through. In addition to the monetary reimbursement, I think it would be a nice gesture to also offer me a future flight to try their airlines again for hopefully a better experience. I am requesting a total refund of $800. — Michelle Kelly, Elverson, Pa.

Answer: Nine weeks is a long time to wait for either your luggage or a refund from the airline that lost it. When WOW acknowledged that it lost your luggage, it should have immediately issued your refund. Unfortunately, it says you never submitted the required documentation.

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WOW requires that passengers wait 21 days before filing a claim, presumably to give the company time to locate the luggage and return it to you. Once the waiting period is over, the airline makes it quite easy to file a claim for lost luggage. It has a user-friendly page on its website that allows passengers to file a claim or to check the status of a claim. The initial process also provides an easy method for uploading receipts.

Unfortunately, you used the simple system to upload your documentation and receipts multiple times. You could see that everything uploaded correctly, but WOW couldn’t see anything on its end, asking you multiple times to load everything again and eventually canceling your claim ticket.

It doesn’t matter how simple it is to file a claim if the company can’t see the documentation you’ve uploaded, process your claim, and issue your refund in a timely manner. Clearly, the WOW system has a bug that needs to be fixed.

After several weeks of waiting, multiple emails, and several hours on the phone with WOW, you could have reached out to the executive contacts we list on our site and asked for their assistance. Instead, you wrote to us and asked for our help.

We can’t help consumers seek “compensation for hours of time and stress,” but we did reach out to our contacts at WOW on your behalf to ask the company to finally review and process your claim. We quickly received a response that there was a “malfunction” in the system that the company “hopes to get fixed soon,” and that the company had contacted you to process the claim for your lost possessions. I hope you’ve now received the WOW check.

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  • PsyGuy

    Didn’t we just have a WOW airlines (using the term generously) case. Not much to add, I’m still not “WOW’ed” by their company, airline, or service. Now we all no to stay away.

  • Bill___A

    It is pretty ridiculous to expect someone to wait 21 days to file a claim. The airline should either find the bags or determine they can’t find the bags a lot more quickly than that. As to “compensation for hours and frustration”, maybe they should have to pay for that, it was their actions that caused it First of all for losing the bags, secondly for having a broken system, thirdly for not recognizing they had a crap system and repeatedly asking for things to be reloaded, fourthly for forcing the passenger to have to involve an advocate. I’d say they should be paying a lot for “lost time and frustration”, this isn’t your normal time and frustration situation by any means. Very shameful for an airline to act like this, well done elliott dot org.

  • Noah Kimmel

    in fairness, it is getting tiring reading of people who want to be compensated for their time or some sort of “punishment” compensation. Not that the sentiment is wrong – companies who make intentionally complicated and timed processes do it to try to get people to drop out – but it is known that it is never successful. Adovcate to fix a problem not fixed using standard channels or stated advice.

  • Bobby Dale

    My reading of the Air Passenger Rights suggests that you must submit your claim before 21 days. Am I incorrect?

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