Who has the worst customer service in America?

Will the company with the worst customer service in America please stand up and take a bow?

Ah, if it only were that easy.

Turns out there are multiple lists of “worst” companies and they’re hardly unanimous in naming a winner – or in this case, a loser.
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Weekend survey: Vote for your least favorite domestic airline

Why do surveys always want your to name the best companies to do business with? What we really want to know is: Who’s the worst?

That’s especially true for our beloved, and obscenely profitable, domestic airlines.

No problem. Here’s a link to the survey.

But beyond naming names, I’d like to know what, exactly, is so bad about your least favorite airline.

Is it the fares? The service? The fees? Something else?

Send me a note or leave a comment. I’ll post the results soon.

30 worst cities for traffic in America

traffic2Which American city has the worst traffic? If you said New York or Los Angeles, guess again. A new survey by TomTom, which is based on the traffic data of millions of GPS users, finds Seattle has the highest percentage of congested roadways.

The results come from TomTom’s speed profiles, an historical speed database from TomTom map business unit Tele Atlas. The profiles aggregate the actual speeds that millions of anonymous, GPS-enabled drivers have traveled over the last two years.

Cities were ranked as most to least congested according to how fast cars could travel on the street network. A city’s traffic was defined as congested if drivers could travel at only 70 percent or less of the posted speed limit, meaning on average an hour long commute included 20 minutes or more of significant delays.
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And the award for America’s worst hotel goes to …

carterIt’s too close to call. A review of several “worst of” lists suggests there’s a high concentration of awful hotels in the New York area, with one or two standouts outside of Gotham. The bad properties are also likely to be owned by one chain.

But what am I waiting for? Let’s name names.
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