Want to live debt free? 4 signs you might be getting ripped off

If you’re a regular reader of my consumer advocacy columns, you probably already know that the word “free” should trip […]

5 warning signs you’re about to receive bad customer service

It’s been decades and my father still hasn’t forgotten: Threatened with arrest, his wife in tears, their anniversary ruined. And to top it all off, he was still hungry.

Would you shop at this store?

Would you take your kids into this store?

Would you eat at this restaurant?

This is the sign that greets would-be patrons at a restaurant in a Midwestern tourist town.

TSA watch: Exploiting 9/11 for fun and profit

Here we go again.

Are new warning and tracking systems enough to make us forget about TSA agents’ misdeeds?

It's been a "good news" kind of week for observers of our nation's security apparatus. At least that's how the government is spinning it.

What you need to know now about traveling to Egypt

With Egypt descending further into chaos by the hour, I've been fielding a lot of questions from readers about what to do.