Help, they canceled all of my Travelzoo vouchers

Christina Conte's mother tries to cancel a voucher she bought through Travelzoo, but the company refunds all of them. Now it won't reinstate them, despite repeated calls to the company. What can she do?

A $500 voucher for a missed riverboat cruise? You’ve gotta be kidding!

Some cases are resolved quickly. Some aren’t. Sheila Drezner Freedman’s problem with Tauck dates back to February 2010, and although the high-end tour operator thinks it is closed, she’s still fighting.

Princess meets canceled passengers halfway — is that enough?

Maybe Ronald and Katherine Taylor weren't meant to take a cruise. After listening to their story, you might be forgiven for thinking so.

Lied to, overcharged and almost abandoned by Spirit Airlines

Noreen Ismail seemed to have an airtight case against Spirit Airlines. Its transgressions against her, her husband, and 11-month old included overcharging her for her carry-on luggage abandoning her in Boston and making promises it never intended to keep.

Canceled, confused, contaminated — and then ripped off

Kristen Hoyle just had one of those flights that give the airline industry an awful reputation.

Is this enough compensation? “Very disappointed” by Southwest – so they sent me a voucher

I‘ve already written about Southwest’s new restrictions on credits. Well, passengers haven’t exactly warmed to them and other policy changes.

Is this enough compensation? My airline ticket is “illegal” and all they’re offering is a voucher

When you buy an "illegal" airline ticket -- which is to say, a ticket that violates a carrier's booking rules -- the penalties can be severe. It's not uncommon to have your frequent flier account suspended or for your travel agent to receive a debit memo, demanding the fare difference.