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Why is Virgin dragging its feet on my ticket refund?

LeEster Koranteng's husband misses his flight because of a stroke, and the airline eventually promises her a refund. But the money is nowhere in sight, and it's been weeks since it agreed to credit her for the ticket. Now what?

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You knew this would happen.

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Megan Boing booked two tickets from Chicago to London on Virgin Atlantic Airways for her honeymoon. Then the airline canceled her flights. Normally, it would offer her two options: either a full refund or a new flight of its choosing. But that's not what happened.

Has Virgin Atlantic deflowered EU Rule 261?

The European Union has some of the toughest passenger rights laws on the books. But is Virgin Atlantic thumbing its nose at the rules? EU Rule 261 says delayed passengers must be compensated a minimum of €250, but it recently offered a passenger just 5,000 miles when it canceled a flight.