When should I buy travel insurance?

When is travel insurance worth the added expense? I outline a few instances when you should consider buying a policy in my new USA Today video segment. By the way, my weekly live broadcast is on hiatus until I can find a fast enough Internet connection to accommodate the bandwidth requirements.

You have to see this!

I wanted to tell you a little bit about some of the exciting changes happening on this site.

5 times you should stand up to the TSA

Francisco Canseco took a stand when a TSA agent tried to give him an enhanced pat-down last spring.

How many more TSA screening failures can we afford?

If Jon Corbett's viral video about how he outsmarted the TSA's full-body scanners doesn't end the controversial screening program, then it's probably the beginning of the end. And when the agency charged with protecting America's transportation systems unplugs the last scanner and wheels it out of the airport terminal, TSA will have to answer to the American taxpayers about its latest failure.

4 unbelievably stupid things no customer should do

When the service is so awful that you feel like taking a swing at an employee, or falling to the ground and wailing, give yourself a little time-out and watch these videos.

What the fr*ck is this music video doing here?

A music video on a consumer advocacy website? What’s the world coming to?
  • Banned by American business: 5 videos companies hope you’ll never see
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    Banned by American business: 5 videos companies hope you’ll never see

Banned by American business: 5 videos companies hope you’ll never see

There’s no shortage of videos on the Internet that make corporate America uncomfortable – from cheesy customer appreciations that cheapen their brand image to hidden-camera clips that just make them look silly.
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