Case dismissed: Why won’t Ace Parking pay for my damage?

Parking garage damage is a popular sub-genre of complaint on this site. It seems every month I get a request for help from a hotel guest who valeted their car and had it returned with a ding or dent.

Did an Embassy Suites valet take her Saab for a joyride?

Remember the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off, where a valet takes a 1961 Ferrari 250 GT out for a joyride? Brandi Mahoney claims it happened to her when she stayed at the Embassy Suites Portland - Downtown in Portland, Ore., recently.

My valet got a parking ticket — now what?

Kay Pratt's rental car gets a ticket when she stays in a San Francisco hotel. Problem is, the car was under the care of the property's valet services. Now she wants the $85 ticket refunded, but the hotel is stringing her along. Is she stuck with the ticket.?

Did Mickey take my SUV for a spin?

Something is wrong with Lynn Seehafer's SUV, which she valet parked at a Disney World hotel. She thinks it's been taken for a joyride. But has it? And to what extent is Disney responsible for the vehicle?