My dog needs to have surgery. No, seriously.

When Allan Keiter's dog needs major surgery, he's forced to cancel his Caribbean vacation. But his hotel won't let him reschedule his vacation. Why not?

Nothing says “I’m sorry” like airline miles

Renata Fidman's outbound flight is delayed because of mechanical problems, so is her return flight. The compensation? A form letter and a few frequent flier miles. Is it enough?

His SeaWorld vacation is sunk — where’s his refund?

If you want to save a little money on your next SeaWorld vacation, booking a package might be a good move. That's what Jim Strasbaugh thought when he found a two-day package at SeaWorld Orlando through SeaWorld Vacations.

Vacation rental scams are a growing problem

Tania Rieben thought she’d scored a bargain on a one-bedroom condominium in Maui for spring break. She’d found the vacation rental through a popular Web site called VRBO.com and then negotiated directly with the owner.

The Travel Troubleshooter: A broken Disney Vacation Club promise

David Willard is offered help with making a booking at a Disney Vacation Club -- a promise Disney reneges on after his salesman goes on medical leave. Is there any way to get Mickey to keep his word?

Can this trip be saved? My vacation rental was a dump and I want a refund

When Marcella Knight opened the door to her vacation rental property in Rehoboth Beach, Del., a few weeks ago, she saw a dump. Not only was the unit dirty, but it was also in dire need of maintenance, she says.

Case dismissed: They promised a refund but they’re keeping my money

Diana Somerville was looking forward to a week in Canada with her family last Thanksgiving. But the weather gods were not smiling upon her. Just before she was supposed to drive up to Victoria, a major blizzard struck near her home in Washington State, making the roads impassable.