The incredible but true story of how hotels became vacation-rentalized

Want a hotel that feels like home? So did Kristin Stallings when she recently looked for accommodations in Florida to celebrate her wedding anniversary.

A small, pricey room, where everything felt “smashed together,” wasn’t at the top of her list, says Stallings, a loan risk analyst from Houston.

“I remembered how much I dislike middle-of-the-night door slamming, loud hallway discussions and noisy neighbors,” she adds. “More than once I’ve had to request a new room due to noise.”
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Is bargain hunting killing the joy of travel?

Getting there is half the fun.

The other half? For many travelers, it’s finding a deal.

Planning an upcoming vacation can offer entertainment for months, whether it’s looking at guidebooks and online views, or imagining yourself on a beach or being pampered.
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