US Airways rescues boy in a snowstorm

James Meickle, a 14-year-old boy on his first flight alone, found himself marooned in Albany, N.Y., on his return trip home from Lake Placid, N.Y., recently.

How he made it back to his mom, Taaron Meickle, and his family in Reston, Va., goes a long way towards countering a struggling airline industry’s reputation.
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He wishes he hadn’t said “yes” to US Airways

When US Airways overbooked Peter Rhoades’ flight from St. Thomas to Philadelphia, it asked for volunteers to take the next flight and receive denied-boarding compensation.

Rhoades, who was traveling with his family, carefully considered the carrier’s offer. He’d give up his seats, take a later flight to Charlotte, spend the night at a hotel, and the airline would throw in meal vouchers for the inconvenience. The next morning, the family would catch a flight to their final destination, Boston.
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Pull up a chair, grab some popcorn and watch this merger drama unfold

What can you do when a high-profile airline merger foils your travel plans and forces you to buy a last-minute airline ticket?

If you said, “Write the Great American Novel,” or “Laugh it off,” then meet Salim Bhabhrawala, today’s contestant who finds himself in the trenches of consumer advocacy.

Standard disclaimers: live case, missing details, but high entertainment value. And, let’s face it, isn’t that why you tune in every day?
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Can someone please help save Viviane Tran’s honeymoon?

Viviane Tran and her husband are flying from Washington to Tokyo on US Airways for their honeymoon in April. They’ve scraped together 240,000 Dividend Miles for the occasion to splurge for first-class seats.

And then they received the email. The one saying their flight schedule had changed. The one that threatens to destroy their carefully-planned postnuptial vacation. And they need your help fixing it — now.
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