Is it time to retire the TSA’s full-body scanners?

The Transportation Security Administration relies on its L3 ProVision full body scanners, which use millimeter wave (MMW), terahertz radio frequency technology to detect objects concealed by air travelers at security checkpoints.

These scanners are in use at major and midsized US airports, scanning travelers from head to foot looking for weapons, explosives and other prohibited items. It’s time to ask if these scanners how outlived any usefulness they might have had.
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The TSA is getting it all wrong, and the numbers don’t lie

I can’t imagine anyone disagreeing that security at our airports is essential. That said, in my opinion, TSA’s strategic airport security plan is out of step with the country’s air transportation security needs.

We can readily see that TSA’s security priorities are upside down at best when we examine their budget.
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Should elites have to pay for TSA PreCheck?

When the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) was created, the designated control of the checkpoints ended up having profound consequences.

Today, some of those consequences are expiring. And frequent flier elites are beginning to grumble.
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