Travelers to TSA: It’s payback time

TSA screening is humiliating.

You take off your shoes and your belt. You tolerate the pat-downs and scanners that penetrate your clothes. Some of

Some of us have the personal contents of our luggage laid bare for the world to see.
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The TSA gets an “F”

We wait in long lines, in crowded security checkpoints, shuffle along in our socks, remove our belts (what does the TSA have against belts?) and are ordered around like jailhouse perps.

Then there’s the physical contact with TSA agents that, under different circumstances, would justify a slap or a lawsuit.
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Is it time to retire the TSA’s full-body scanners?

The Transportation Security Administration relies on its L3 ProVision full body scanners, which use millimeter wave (MMW), terahertz radio frequency technology to detect objects concealed by air travelers at security checkpoints.

These scanners are in use at major and midsized US airports, scanning travelers from head to foot looking for weapons, explosives and other prohibited items. It’s time to ask if these scanners how outlived any usefulness they might have had.
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