Smart travel advice: Let the destination be your guide

Rolf Potts took his first extended trip — an eight-month journey across North America — two decades ago, and he […]

Wireless company failed to deliver modem, then pocketed my money

Klaus Schuller's wireless modem doesn't arrive before his trip to Europe. It doesn't arrive while he's in Europe. Instead, it's waiting for him when he gets home. Why can't he get a refund for a hotspot he never got to use?

There’s more than one way to get there — now that’s “cool” advice

Charles McCool gained his travel smarts the old fashioned way: he picked it up on the road. All of his travels were and self-funded ,so he quickly learned strategies and tactics for saving money, time, and stress on all aspects of travel. He's parlayed that expertise into a book called Winning the Airfare Game, which emphasizes being flexible, resourceful, and assertive -- what he calls "the principles of better travel."

Want to travel smarter? Connect with a local

Pauline Frommer is the co-president of Frommer Media. "I started traveling with my guidebook writing parents at the age of four months and have been on the road ever since," she says. Her father, Arthur Frommer, published Europe on $5 a Day in 1957, revolutionizing not only the guidebook business, but the way we travel. She's continued that legacy, hosting a radio show on travel and writing a syndicated newspaper column. She's served as MSNBC.com's travel editor, a contributor to CNN Headline News, and was the founding editor of Frommers.com. "I'm not sure if that makes me a smart traveler," she adds. Oh, it but it does.

What did federal agencies do for travelers in 2013?

Ask travelers what the federal government did for them this year, and you’ll probably get a shrug, at best — or a rant about sequestration, national park closings and the Transportation Security Administration, at worst.

Pay more, get more? In travel, that’s unconventional advice

If you've ever traveled on business, then Chris McGinnis' name is probably synonymous with smart traveling. He's the co-host of the Friday afternoon #Travelskills chat on Twitter, and has been a columnist, consultant, on-air television commentator and blogger for media outlets ranging from the BBC to Fortune. He publishes two popular business travel blogs, The Ticket, for Atlanta-area road warriors, and the Bay Area Traveler, for business travelers from the San Francisco Bay Area.

How do you find the best travel advice?

What's the secret to finding the best travel advice? It's quality - and quantity.