Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about travel insurance (but were afraid to ask)

If you have a question about travel insurance, don’t worry. We’ve probably already answered it on our new frequently-asked questions about travel insurance page. The section went live a few minutes ago.

Want to know if you need travel insurance? Or the biggest travel insurance “gotcha”? Or how to file a claim? How long an appeal takes? It’s all there on a single, easy-to-read page.
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How to Airbnb

I’ve recently noticed that despite its growing popularity, a surprising number of people still either haven’t heard of Airbnb, aren’t totally sure what it is, are afraid of it, or have never used it.
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‘We both should have known better’

Jonathan Quinn and his wife attended a sales presentation by WorldQuest International at the Hilton Conquistador in Tucson, Ariz. The pitch involved joining their club to get cheaper travel deals.

“It was quite a high-pressure sales pitch, where the presenters painted a picture of deep discounts on travel, from air fares to cruises,” Quinn says. “Although we both should have known better, we nonetheless bought into their services.”
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How to survive an epic travel delay

Even if you’ve done everything in your power as a consumer to ensure a seamless travel experience — you’ve chosen a reputable airline with a direct route to your destination, arrived at the airport with plenty of time to spare, and haven’t checked any bags — there’s still a chance you could end up facing an epic delay.
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Hell hath no fury like a passenger scorned?

Is this a plane cabin or a cage match?

That’s the question I’d have been asking myself on-board the JetBlue flight to New York as I watched two women brawling, one armed with a can of pepper spray and the other with a razor and a wicked right hook.

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This summer’s top travel bloopers

From TSA flubs to mass flight delays, airline data hacks to the grounding of a carrier’s entire fleet, some travelers will remember this summer for a melee of industry mishaps. But big businesses aren’t the only ones that make mistakes.
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Help! My travel insurance didn’t work like I thought it would

One of the most common answers to a travel problem is: You should have bought insurance. I’ve said it and chances are, you have too.

And it’s true — except when it isn’t.

Consider what happened to Janice Zatarain, who bought a travel insurance policy through Travelex to cover her family trip to Europe. She, her husband and her son would be flying from San Francisco to London and Paris.
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“Free” airline seat assignments for families? It’s about time

Family travel, as rewarding as it can be, is seldom easy. And with increasing airline fees for anything they can charge for, it’s also become much more expensive, especially for cost-conscious travelers who don’t fly enough to have airline status.

It’s not just needing to bring your own food, and pay for your bags. Now families have to pay just to be guaranteed to be seated together.
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